Student Organizations



SHUFE Law supports a broad variety of student groups representing a wide spectrum of opinions. These groups contribute immeasurably to the vitality of our community and provide many students with a place to advocate, serve, and otherwise engage in the larger academic, social, and legal worlds. To further a free and robust exchange of ideas, SHUFE Law does not impose any unreasonable restricition on their activities but provides a budget, shared office space, and administrative resources to approved student organizations. Nonetheless, it does not mean SHUFE Law endorses the opinions or viewpoints represented by them. These organizations based on social, service and professional interests hold nearly weekly or monthly events ranging from workshops, panels, and lectures. Students are continually given a wide range of opportunities to create and implement ideas for activities and are encouraged to pursue their interests by participating in or creating student organizations as well as planning one-time events.



Published:2012-08-15 Hit:1702

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