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Graduate Union of SHUFE Law is a students' organization for all of the Legum Magisters, Juris Masters and Juris Scientiae Doctors, to administrate,educate and serve themselves. By regularly holding seminars, social practices and recreational activities, the union plays a positive role in promoting communications between graduates both inside and outside the university as well as between graduates and the society and contributes to the prosperity of campus culture and the excellent image of law people in Shanghai.


In order to meet different needs of graduates in Law School, Graduate Union of SHUFE Law  holds various activities. We host the academic salon for doctors and invite honorable scholars to give lectures which provide our graduates with a platform for academic resources and create an academic environment. We have built a base between SHUFE Law and Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court in order to disseminate knowledge of the law and enhance the social responsibility of our students who are supposed to serve the society through what they have learnt. We hold many lectures concerning National Judicial Examination, Examinations for Civil Servants, TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills), interview skills, career planning etc. which help our students to obtain more social resources to increase their competitive edge in the job market. We also host the welcome and graduation parties which show the enthusiasm of the students and enrich the campus culture. We encourage our graduates to take more exercise to strengthen their physiques. We also patronize the Law Culture Festival among universities located in Shanghai so as to promote communications with students and teachers from other universities.

Graduate Union of SHUFE Law includes seven departments: Department of Academics, Department of Social Practice, Department of Art and Sports, Department of Liaison, Department of Publicity, Office Department and Department of Doctors. 



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