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Law Study Association(hereinafter referred to as LSA) is an academic student community, focusing on legal academic and promotion. LSA was one of the earliest academic student communities in SHUFE. As a student association, LSA has its own objective and feature, reflected in its daily activities. 

LSA engages in following activities:

1.Provides lectures on selected themes

Organizing lectures has been the most crucial activities of the LSA. With the background of  SHUFE Law, we have sufficient academic resources, including but not limited to the famous professors, high-level legal forums, large quantity of excellent students, plentiful law treatises, as well as prompt and authentic information. We host several series of lectures, all of which receive great recognition from audience. Our lectures cover private law and public law, as well as the third law field. We are also interested in practice and occupational topics, for what we have invited marvelous attorneys, justices, or counselors to teach us how to make it.

2. Coffee time with well-known jurists

Since last year, we have formed a new tradition. That is chatting with jurists over a cup of coffee or other drinks. We have invited several jurists, talking about various legal topics. Anyone who wants to communicate with the invitee is welcome, not limited to the member of our association. In fact, it may be a better way to learn why they are successful and what they are thinking about. 

3. Communication within the association

Learning to operate a student community is another way to grow up. The preparation of the above activities provides experience, challenge, confidence and responsibility. We intend to let every member be a collaborator and doer. Members, divided into several groups according to their own interest, take charge of their own projects. What's more, we have undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students in the association. Members are willing to offer help while they get help from other members.


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