Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs & Summer Schools


In addition to opportunities provided by the university community, SUFE Law students enjoy a variety of study abroad opportunities in many different parts of the world. Right now we have established working relationship with these institutions:

Institution Programs Open
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, SAR) Bachelors
Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands) Masters and PhDs
*Stockholm University (Sweden) Various Levels
Frankfurt University (Germany) Masters
The University of Stathclyde (United Kingdom) Masters
Queen Mary University, London (United Kingdom) Masters
Leister University (United Kingdom) Masters
Fordham University (United States) Various Levels
University of California, Berkeley (United States)

Summer School,

Advanced Degrees

University of California, Davis (United States) Summer School
Ohio State University (United States) Various Levels
University of Houston Law Center (United Stateds) Various Levels
University of New England School of Law (Australia) Various Levels
University of Montreal (Canada) Summer School
Deakin University (Australia) Summer School
University of Trento (Italy) Ph.Ds
Ming Chuan University (Taiwan) Ph.Ds
Soochow University (Taiwan) Bachelors

















*Operated through university

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