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The concept of J.M (Juris Master) was borrowed from the United States and Europe’s methods of training high-level legal talents, and adapted to China’s modern university education system. In 1996, China established J.M. Degree to train high-level compound legal talents with practical skills for legislative departments, judicial branches, executive offices, legal service agencies, public administration sectors, and economic authorities. They are able to meet the requirements of constructing socialist market economy and socialist legal system. At present, J.M. adopts both studio a tempo pieno and studio a tempo parziale model. Studio a tempo pieno lasts for three years, with more than 75 credits. Studio a tempo parziale lasts for four years, with more than 45 credits.


J.M. Program in SHUFE


SHUFE Law School has 2 major post-graduate programs, namely doctoral programs and master programs. Doctoral programs are law economics and legal finance. Master programs include economic law, constitutional and administrative law, international law, civil and commercial law, jurisprudence, legal history, criminal law, procedure law, and natural resources and environmental protection law, and J.M. program.


SHUFE obtained the qualification to grant J.M. degree in 2005, and has enrolled 538 postgraduate students of on-the-job J.M. since then.


J.M. Center is a specialized agency for J.M. Program management. The Center has 13 professors and 17 associate professors, with 12 of them qualified to tutor doctoral students and 24 qualified to tutor master students, and among which, 29 held doctoral degrees. Apart from these full time teachers, J.M. Center also engages more than 40 senior law researchers, senior judges, senior public procurators and senior counsels as part-time tutors.


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