Academic Staff

Cai Shouqiu


Major: Economic Law

Post: Professor

Office Address: No.310 of Law School

Brief Biographical Detail  

1963-1968  Studied at the Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University

1968-1979  Engaged in the environmental protection technical work and the work of news coverage at the Wuchang Shipyard.

1980-1988  Teacher at Wuhan University

1988       Studied abroad at the Oregon University Law School and

1993       Studied in Washington University Law School in 1993.

Now       Professor and doctoral supervisor in the Law School of SUFE


Social Influence

Chairman of the Chinese Association of Environment and Resources Law.

Member of the 2nd~6th Boards of the China Society of Law

Deputy Director and Director of RIEL

EIA expert of State Environmental Protection Administration

The member of experts committees of China Law Counsel Center.

In 2006, he was hired as the report expert of “hundreds of sessions gave by the jurist” organized by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Political and legislative affairs committee of the CPC central committee and the China Law Society.

He also was hired as one of the lecturers teaching higher - level cadres by the Department of Justice and the China Law Society during the 5th five-year law popularization.

Prof. Cai has long been engaged in the teaching and research of environmental and resources law, international environmental and resources law, and sustainable development law and policy.

He has participated in the drafting of more than 10 environmental laws and regulations



he has led and completed more than 40 research projects, including key projects of “the 6th Five-Year Program”, “the 8th Five-Year Program”, “the 9th Five-Year Program” of the China Social Sciences Foundation, the research program of the World Bank and Asian banks. So far, he has published more than 200 articles and 30 books and textbooks. He is the academic leader of one of the first National Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences ratified by the Ministry of Education. He is the young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution of Hubei province and enjoys the special allowance of State Council Government. He repeatedly won the Social Science and Law Excellence Productions of Wuhan country, Hubei province and the Department of Justice. The State Environmental Protection Agency granted him the honorary title of “The Outstanding Contributor of the Environmental Protection” in 2000. Prof. Cai loves the career of environmental protection and the legal education. He has been insisted on working in the front-line of teaching and scientific research for more than thirty years. He is the main advocator and organizer of establishing the Chinese Association of Environment and Resources Law. By the common efforts of him and his colleagues, the RIEL started from scratch. Now, it is the earliest Institute of environmental law in China and the largest in Asia. It is also the largest doctoral program of environmental law in China and one of the first National Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences ratified by the Ministry of Education.

On the Environmental Policy, 1988

On the environmental diplomacy, 1991

The Study on the Legal Issues of Environmental Policy, 1992

Contemporary Marine Environmental and Resources law, 2001

The Legal Study on the EU Environmental Policy, 2002

Sustainable development and the Construction of Environmental Legal System, 2003

The Regulation Theory ─ Rethought and Supplement to the Mainstream Jurisprudence 2003

International Environmental Law, 2004

The Study on the legal Issues of Ecological Security, Environment and Trade,  2005

The Ethics and Legislation of Rivers, 2007

Environmental Policy., 2009

Environmental and Resources law, 2010

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