Academic Staff

Shan Hailing


Major: International Law

Post: Professor, Doctoral supervisor

Office Address: No.311 of Law School



Educational Background

2002.3-2007.1  Law School of Ghent University, Doctor Degree

1997.10-1998.4 Law School of Ghent University, Visiting Scholar

1992.9-1992.10 National Law Teaching Training Course of Ministry of Justice, Completed

1986.9-1986.12 National International Private Law Teaching Course, Completed

1984.9-1985.2  Shanghai Education and Health Party School, Completed

1980.9-1984.7  Law School of East China University of Political Science and Law, Bachelor


Work Experience

2008.9-now  Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

1984.7-2008.8 International Law School of East China University of Political Science and Law


Part-time Jobs in Academic Communities

2009.5   Member of International Law Association (ILA)

2009.1   Member of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)

2008-now Member of Chinese Society of International Law

2007-now Member of Academic Advisory Committee of International Law Review of Wuhan University

2005-now Member of China Intellectual Property Society

2003-now Executing Member of China Society of International Private Law

1999.9-2003.9 Member of China Society of International Private Law



International Private Law, Conflict Law, China Real Estate Law, International Anti-dumping Law, Contract Law, Trade Secrets Law


Academic Specialties

International Private Law, Intellectual Property Law, Foreign Labor Law


Academic Achievements

Main Academic Writing

1.Tort Law in China, Worlters Kluwer (Netherlands), Published in 2014 (Coauthor)

2.Research Handbook on Cross-border Enforcement of Intellectual Property, Edward Elgar Publishing (UK), Published in September 2014 (Coauthor)

3.The Protection of Trade Secrets in China, Kluwer Law International, Published in August 2008 (Monograph)

4.Intellectual Property and TRIPS Compliance in China: Chinese and European Perspectives, Edward Elgar Publishing(UK), Published in 2007 ( Chief Editor and Coauthor)

5.China’s Tort Law,International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Kluwer Law International, Published in August 2005(Monograph)

6.Conflict Law (Ministry of Juris Uniform Textbook), China Law Press, 2006, Senate

International Private Law, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, August 2004, Subeditor

7.Help you make contracts well (Legal Aid Series), Shanghai Wenhui Publishing House, March 2002, Senate

8.Legal Rules of WTO and China, China Financial Economic Publishing House, January 2001, Senate

9.International Economic Law Monograph (International Anti-dumping Law Part), China Law Press, 2000

10.Conflicts and Arbitration of International Commercial Law, Shanghai Translation Publishing House, March 1996, Coauthor

11.International Private Law ( Political and Law Institution of Higher Education Textbook), China University of Political Science and Law Press, September 1999, Senate

12.Must-read for Making Contracts, Shanghai Wenhui Publishing House,1995,Senate

International Convention and Practice ( International Private Law Part), East China University of Science and Technology, 1995

13.International Economic and Trade Law Dictionary, Huaxia Publishing House, 1993, Senate


Main Academic Thesis

1.The Drawbacks and Corrections of Regulations for China Foreign Labor Relationship, Law Science, 2004. 4

2.New Thinking about Chinese Citizens Oversea Protection System, Studies in Law and Business, 2011. 5

3.Reservation of Public Order in Civil and Commercial Judicial Assistance in the Four Regions Across the Straights, Legal Development and Interaction in the Four Regions Across the Straights, Edited by Zhang Xianchu and Gu Weixia, China Comment and Academy Publishing House, November 2009, Page 209 - 234,

4.Research on Law Application of Foreign Commercial Secrets License Agreement, China International Private Law and Comparative Law Annual 2009 Volume 12, Edited by China Society of International Private Law, Peking University Press, October 2009, Page 92

5.Prohibition of Business Strife and Economic Espionage, Wenhui Newspaper, August 5, 2009, Review in the Fifth Section

6.How to Perfect the Oversea Protection System of Chinese Citizens, Wenhui Newspaper, July 30, 2009

7.The Management on Commercial Secrets of Departing Employees: Prohibition of Business Strife and confidentiality obligation, Intellectual Property, 2007. 4, Page 34 - 39.

8.Prohibition of Business Strife of Departing Employees, Chinese Journal of Law, 2007. 3, Page 71 - 79.

9.Research on Applicable Law for Prohibition of Business Strife Agreement in Foreign Labor Relationship -- Comment on Case between Microsoft and Google, Tribune of Political Science and Law, 2006. 3

10.Reason Analysis and Solution Research on China Commercial Secret Criminal Remedies Problems, Journal of Law Application, January and February 2006

11.Law Application on Foreign Elements and Domicile and the Regularly Inhabited Area in Foreign Relationship, Journal of Comparative Law, 2006. 2

12.Belgian International Private Law Code (Translated from English to Chinese, Completed with Liang Min), China International Private Law and Comparative Law Annual, China Law Press, May 2005, Page 559 - 606

13.Exploration to China Commercial Secrets Protection System, Studies in Law and Business, 2005. 3

14.The Development and Challenges of China Commercial Law, Contemporary International Law Review, Volume 5, People’s Publishing House, December 2005.

15.Comparison between China and America on Commercial Secrets Protection System, Politics and Law, 2004. 5

16.Study on Main theories about Commercial Secrets in the Era of Knowledge Economy: the Theory of Secret Relation and Property Right, Tribune of Political Science and Law, 2004. 5

17.Study on the Application of International Convention in China -- Comment on the Passenger Transport Damages Case of Lu Hong Suing United Airline heard by Shanghai Jing’an District Court, People’s Judicature, 2003. 10, Senate

18.Study on the Application of 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in China from the Angle of International Private Law, Politics and Law, 2003. 10.

19.The Perfectness of China Foreign Labor Contract Law, Politics and Law, 2002. 4, 11290 Words.

The Condition and Development of Belgium International Private Law, China International Private Law and Comparative Law Annual 2000, China Law Press, Coauthor


Research Direction

Conflicts and Remedies of Foreign Civil and Commercial Law, Commercial Secrets, Foreign Labor Law, etc.

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