Academic Staff

Ding Fengchu


Major: Civil and Business Law

Post: Vice-professor

Office Address: No.404 of Law School


Education background

1991.09 – 1995.06            Social College, Suzhou University

                                                 Major: History

                                                 Degree awarded: Bachelor


1998.09 – 2001.06            Law School, Nanjing University

                                                 Major: Economic law

                                                 Degree awarded: Master in law


2003.09 – 2005.07                   Economic School, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

                                                 Major: Economic of law System

                                                 Degree awarded: Doctor in Economic


Academic works during recent years


1. Study on the Law Mechanism of Risk Prevention from Chinese Stock Index Futures ", Vol 10 journal of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics 2011.

2.On the system of the underwriters’ intervention in the medical dispute processing, Vol 10 science of low in Hebei 2009.

3.Impersonalization and Socialization of Modern Accidents Indemnity Responsibilities, Vol 7 Social Science 2006

4. Is Re-insurance Contract Responsibilities Insurance Contract?, Vol 2 Politics & Law 2006

5. Apocalypse of Mandatory Motor’s Responsibilities Insurance Law in Taiwan to the Relevant Legislation in the Mainland, Vol 1 Financial Theories & Practices 2006

6. The Legal Status of Social Agency Organizations, Vol 6 Hunan Law Review 2005

7. Constructing the Supervision System of Public Insurance Appraiser, (Special Vol) Politics & Law 2004

8. Primary Study on Doctor’s Responsibilities Insurance, (Special Vol) Transaction of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics 2003

9. Primary Study on Lawyer’s Responsibilities Insurance, Vol 10 Anhui Lawyer 2000

10. Moral: The Headstream and End-result of Law, Vol 2 Transaction of Jiangxi Education Institute 2002

11. Amelioration on Some Regulations in Chinese Insurance Law, Vol 6 Insurance Studies 2000

12. Thought on the Legal Status of Social Agency Organizations, Vol 6 Politics & Law Review 2005

13. Accountants’ Responsibilities Insurance in China, Vol 4 Financial Theories & Studies 2000

14. Review on the Principle of Insurance Contract Interpretation, Vol 36 Business and Law

15. Considering the Passengers’ Damage Caused by Bus Break from the Aspect of Civil Law, Vol 8 Law World 1999

16. Analysis on the Mandatory Motor’s Responsibilities Insurance Law in Taiwan, Vol 11 Shanghai Insurance 2005


Academic books

1. A Review on Insurance Cases, Chinese Big Dictionary Press, 2003

2. Systems of Insurance Agencies, China People’s Police University Press, 2004

3. Research on Mandatory Insurance System of Motor’s Transportation Accidents, China Prosecution Press, 2006 (on the list)

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