Academic Staff

Fan Jian


Major: Business Law

Post: Teacher

Office Address: No.412 of Law School


Education background:

2002.9-2006.6   Shanghai University of Finance and Economics law school     Bachelor of Law

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics international business school     

Second Degree of Marketing

2006.9-2009.6    China University of Political Science and Law

Master of Civil and Commercial Law

2009.9-2013.6    Tsinghua University law school                  Dr. Commercial Law

                Tohoku University law school                       JD


Working experience:

2014.1-present    Teacher in SUFE law school



Undergraduate: corporate law, securities law, trust law, financial law.

Graduate: securities law topics, Financial Law.


Academic Achievements:


1." Legal Consideration of Individual Investors Overseas Investment in Shanghai Trade Zone: Investment Securities as the Center" , Proceedings of the Eleventh Yangtze Legal Forum, 2014.

2."Unknown Success: the Right to Remuneration Proposals of the US Shareholders of Listed Companies", Global Law Review" 2012 Vol.6.

3."Study on the Salary Recovery System of Executives of Listed Companies: American Experience and China Reference", Commercial Essays", 2012 Vol. 22.

4."Coase Theorem and Shoji Appearance Doctrine", "Commercial Essays", 2009 Vol. 2.

5."Compilation Method and Abstract of Civil Code – the ‘Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch’ as the Center", "Civil and Commercial Law Review", Vol. 47, 2010.

6."the Application of Shareholder Resolution Flaws in the Legal System in Mainland China" (co-authored with Professor Shi Tiantao), "Cross-Strait Law Review"(Taiwan), Vol. 29, 2010.


Involved works

Shi Tian Tao, Zhou Lunjun editor: "a classic case of the United States Securities Fraud: Insider Trading and Misrepresentation", Law Press, 2015 edition.



The Third Prize of Paper in the Eleventh Yangtze Legal Forum.

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