Academic Staff

Ge Weijun


Major: Civil and Business Law

Post: Vice-professor

Office Address: No.212 of Law School


Education Background & Visiting Scholar:


2012 – 2013    Northwestern University, School of Law

-          Fulbright Visiting Scholar


2002 – 2005    Kyushu University, Faculty of Law

-          LL.D. (received on Sep. 2005)


2000 – 2001    University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

-          LL.M. (received on Jun. 2001)


1993 – 1997    Peking University, Law School

-          LL.B. (received on Jul. 1997 )



Work Experience:


2006 – Now    Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SUFE), Law School

1999 – 2006   Xingyun Law Firm, Shanghai Office

1997 – 1999   Xingyun Law Firm, Hangzhou Office



Positions Held:


May 2015 – Now   Vice Dean, SUFE Law

Nov. 2013 – Now Legal Counsel, SUFE

Sep. 2013 – Apr. 2015   Director, JM Education Center, SUFE Law

May 2011 – Aug. 2013  Vice-Director, JM Education Center, SUFE Law

July 2008 – Now   Associate Professor, SUFE Law



Courses Taught:


Undergraduates             General to Commercial Law

Company Law

                     Trust Law

                     Anglo-American Commercial Law (taught in English)


Postgraduates         Topics on Company Law

                     Chinse Legal System and Commercial Law

                     Chinese Company Law (taught in English)



Membership in Professional Associations:


Arbitrator, Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)

Director, Chinese Commercial Law Society

Managing Director, Shanghai Law Society Insolvency Law Research Association





(1) Books


(a) Monograph


Corporate Charitable Donation: Legal Basis & Rule Formation, Law Press China, 2015


Frontier Legal Issues in Corporate Charitable Donation, Law Press China, 2015


Institutes of British Company Law, Law Press China, 2014


Share Capital Rules and Creditor Protection: Some Legal Issues, Law Press China, 2007


British Company Law: Principles & Cases, China Legal Publishing House, 2007


(b) Statutes Complied & Translated, etc.


Civil Law & Commercial Law Statute Series, Law Press China, 2015


Trust Law: Compiled Statutes, Law Press China, 2012


The First Legal Cartoon Book (3rd version), China Legal Publishing House, 2012


UK Companies Act 2006 (2nd version), Law Press China, 2012


(2) Shorter Works in Collection


“The Potential Influence of Subscribed-in Capital Rules in the Chinese Judicial Practice”, in Chinese Yearbook of Commercial Law 2014 (Baoshu Wang ed., Law Press China 2014)


“Rule of Unfairly Prejudicial to Company’s Affairs under UK law and Its Enlightenment to China”, in Commercial Law (Baoshu Wang ed., Vol. 23, Law Press China 2013)


“Barriers and Countermeasures to the Excise of the Appraisal Right: A Comment on Section 75 of Chinese Company Law”, in Zheng Quan Fa Yuan (co-authored with Fan Bai) (Yujun Zhang & Ming Xu ed., Vol. 6, Law Press China 2012)


“Classes of Shares and Classes Rights: Based on the Balance of Shareholders’ Interests” in Zheng Quan Fa Yuan (Yujun Zhang & Ming Xu ed., Vol. 3 (II), Law Press China 2010)


“Discussion on Relevant Issues on Corporate Donation” in Studies on Corporate Governance (Peizhong Gan & Jianbo Lou ed., Peking University Press 2009)


(3) Articles in a Periodical


Charitable Deduction in Corporate Donation: Framework of the US Law and Its Revelation to China, Vol. 5 Peking University Law Journal 1337 (2014)


Legal Regulation on Stock Donation, Vol. 2 Tsinghua University Law Journal 115 (2014)


Minimum Share Capital and Piercing the Corporate Veil: An Understanding to the Documents Fafu (1994)4, Fashi (2001)8 and Fashi (2011)3, Vol. 13 Journal of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics 34 (2011)


Practice and Development of Transferring a Debt as Contribution under Company Law, Vol. 3 Peking University Law Journal 467 (2010)


Corporate Social Responsibilities under New Companies Act in the UK, Vol. 4 Political Science and Law 140 (2008)


Prohibition of Financial Assistance under International Perspectives: A Possible Model for Chinese Company Law, Vol. 3 Peking University Journal of Legal Studies 150 (2008) (English article)


Minimum Share Capital and Creditor Protection: Perspectives under Chinese Company Law, in Courts of Justice of Thailand Law Journal, Vol. Aug. (English article, co-authored with Tidarat Narintarangkul) (2007)


A Comparative Study on Relevant Issues of the Company Charges on Book Debts, Vol. 11 Legal Journal 143 (2006)


Floating Charges under British Law, Vol. 1 Financial Law Forum 61 (2005)


(4) Article in Newspaper or Website


Whether a Monk Could be a Shareholder, Eastday, Aug. 4th (2015),



Reducing the Directors’ Opportunism by virtue of Legislation, Shanghai Securities News, Sep. 1st  (2008)


Charges on Book Debts: Open the Innovative Space for the SMEs to Finance, Shanghai Securities News, Jun. 29th (2006)


Legal System of Unlisted Public Companies in the UK, Shanghai Securities News, Apr. 14th (2006)


(5) Work in Progress


Legal Nature of Nominal Holding of Shares in the LLCs, article, forthcoming


Art Law: Cases and Materials, book, forthcoming


UK Companies Act 2006 (3rd version), book, forthcoming


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