Academic Staff

He Jiaxin


Major: Business Law, Insurance Law

Post: Vice-professor

Office Address: No.412 of Law School


2005.9-2011.7   Law School of Fudan University, Combined master and doctor degree



2011.7–Present   Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics



Undergraduate: Fundamentals of Law, Insurance Law, Economic Law, General Theory of Commercial Law

Postgraduate: Insurance Law, Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Economic Law



1.        The System Design of Medicare(United States)and Its Referential Significance, HE Jia-xin , Journal of Comparative Law (CSSCI), 2013(1)

2.        The History Analysis of the United States Medical Insurance Reform:Health Insurance under the View of Sociology of Law, HE Jia-xin , Law and Social Development, (CSSCI), 2012(4)

3.        Some Thoughts on the Perfection of the Urban Residents Basic Medical Insurance’s Legal Institutions, HE Jia-xin , Research on Rule of Law, 2012(6)

4.        The Public-private Joint Reform of the Medical Insurance Law System, HE Jia-xin , Peking University Law Journal, (CSSCI), 2012(3)

5.        The Implementation, Problems and Perfection of New Rural Cooperative Medical System, HE Jia-xin , Journal of Henan Administrative Institute of Politics and Law, (core journals of law), 2012(3) Reproduced by China University Academic Abstracts, (CSSCI), 2012(4)

6.        Some Thoughts on the Perfection of the Commercial Health Insurance’s Legal Institutions, HE Jia-xin , Law Science Magazine, (CSSCI), 2012(3)

7.        Medicare(United States)and Its Inspiration to China, HE Jia-xin , Modern Law Science, (CSSCI), 2011(6)

8.        Mode of Health Insurance Law in France and the U.S and Its Inspiration to China, HE Jia-xin , Political Science and Law, (CSSCI), 2009(12)

9.        A Review of Health Insurance’s Legal Institutions in 60 Years, HU Hong-gao, HE Jia-xin

2009 Shanghai Social Sciences Association Outstanding Paper Award

Socialism and China's modernization (politics, law and society) volume 25

Proceedings of the 7th academic annual conference of Shanghai social science (2009) Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2009(11)

10.    The Perfection of China Health Insurance Law, HU Hong-gao, HE Jia-xin

Proceedings of China Commercial Law Annual 2009, Beijing Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2010(8)

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