Academic Staff

Hu Yuan


Major: Environment Law, Tax Law

Post: Vice-professor

Office Address: No.302 of Law School


Education Background

1998.9-2002.7 Law School of Hubei University,Bachelor of Laws

2002.9-2005.7 Research Institute of Environmental Law of Wuhan University,Master

2005.9-2008.7  Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University,Doctor

2007 Visiting Scholar of Harvard University


 Work Experience

2008-now Teaching in Law School of SUFE


Main Part-time 

Member of Environmental Law Society of the China Environmental Science Society

Part-time lawyer of Shanghai Hengliang Law Office


Teaching Courses

For Undergraduates: Environment and Resources Protection Law, Tax Law, Global Governance and environment Law, Introduction of Economic Law

For Postgraduates: Environmental Law Subject, Tax Law Subject, Economic Law Subject, Research On The Rule of Law In Free Trade Zone(Participated in teaching)


 Academic Achievements

Major Thesis

1.The enlightenment of the tax system of the foreign free trade zone to Shanghai free trade test area. Free Trade Rule of Law Review, Law Press,Vol.9.2014(First author)

2.Energy conservation assessment of fixed-asset investment projects: An attempt to improve energy efficiency in China.Energy Policy,Vol.43, 2012.

3.Junk Fortress Besieged solution: on product oriented environmental legal liability. Journal of East China University of politics and law,Vol.4,2012. (Independent author,CSSCI Journal)

4.From authoritarian control to social governance——some thoughts on revising the law of Air Pollution Control Act, Modern Law,Vol.6,2010.(First author, CSSCI Journal)

5.On the legal responsibility of material circulation——a comparative study of European Union model and American model. East China Economic Management,Vol.7,2011.(Independent author, CSSCI Journal)

6.Extender producer responsibility: category, system route and normative analysis. Journal of SUFE,Vol.6,2010.(Independent author, CSSCI Journal)

7.The curriculum setting of bachelor’s degree of Law School in Harvard University and its enlightenment. Financial Higher Research,Vol.1,2010.(Independent author)

8.How to arouse the vitality of Water Pollution Prevention And Control Law. Oriental Morning Post,Feb.27th,2013.(Independent author)

9.A comment on the case of Massachusetts v. United States Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Era Law,Vol.6,2013(Second author)

10.Implementation of voluntary agreements for energy efficiency in China. Energy Policy, Vol.35, 2007. (Independent author,SCI)

11.Progress in Environmental Impact Assessment in China: the 2002 Environmental Impact Assessment Law, International Law Practicum, Spring 2007, Vol.19, No. 1. (Independent author)

12.On the Circular Economy Legislation of Shanghai City Guided by the Ideal of Circular Economy Society, Transition to a Resource-circulating Society: Strategies and Initiatives in Asia, Osaka University Press, Osaka, Japan, 2007.(Second author)

13.America's pollution control super fund system. Environmental Protection,Vol.5B,2007.(Second author, CSSCI Journal)

14.Overview of American national emergency plan. Environmental Protection,Vol.2AB,2007.(Second author, CSSCI Journal)

15.Quantitative assessment of legal essentials of water resources management in Yellow River Basin. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Humanities and Social Science Edition,Vol.6,2006.(Second author, CSSCI Journal)

16.Quantitative assessment method for the evaluation of the legal system of soil and water resources management. Environmental Protection,Vol.3B,total Vol.345,2006.(Second author, CSSCI Journal)

17.Protected area should be listed as a category of land use. China Land,Vol.9,2005(Independent author, Chinese Core Journals)

18.Three questions about river basin legislation, Chinese Population, Resources and Environment,Vol4,2004. (Second author, CSSCI Journal)

19.Environment public interest litigation system in the United States. People’s Court Newspaper, Overseas Law Weekly,Vol.4,Jan,2005.(Second author)

20.Cleaner production——extended from production field to consumer field. Journal of the environmental management college of china,Vol.4,2003.(Independent author)

21.On the issue of administrative law enforcement of energy conservation. Symposium of 2006 annual meeting of China Law Society Environmental Resources Law Research Association.(Independent author)

22.Weave The Net of Environmental Law.(Participated in translation) Law Press,Jun,2012,Edition.

23.International Environmental Law And Comparative Environmental Law Review(2008).(Participated in translation) Shanghai Jiaotong University Press,2008 Edition.



1.“The research on legal governance of urban garbage siege in the prosperity of Environment Law, National Social Science Fund Youth Project”, Director, set up in 2010.

2.“The research of the regulation mechanism of ecologic civilization”, the sub-topic of National Social Science Fund major issue,” The research of promoting the legal mechanism constructions of ecologic civilization”. Director, set up in 2010.

3.“The incentive mechanism of junk fortress besieged: a research of credit system of marketable recycling”, Shanghai Municipal Board of education innovation project. Director, set up in 2013.

4.“Research on product oriented responsibility of environmental law——in the prosperity of the problem of junk fortress besieged in Shanghai”, Shanghai Municipal Board of education “Morning Program” project. Director, ended in 2013.

5.“The research of legal mechanism of reduction of domestic waste”, judiciary project. Director, set up in 2014.

6.“Related protection system and policy system to promote the development of Chinese(Shanghai) free trade zone ”, National Natural Science Fund Management Department of emergency management project. Member, set up in2013,ended in 2014.

7.“System innovation and legislation perfection of tax collection and administration law in Shanghai free trade zone”, Shanghai Law Society annual project in 2015.Director.


Awards Received
1.      The thesis“ Implementation of country agreements for energy efficiency in China” took the second prize of Shanghai Law Institute excellent achievement award,2010.

2.      Won 19th  (2012) Zhongzhen Science and Research Fund Excellent Achievement Award in Shanghai University of Finance&Economics,2013.

3.      Won 3th Encouraging Youth XiaoLin Environmental Law Award of Environmental Law Society of the China Environmental Science Society,2013.

4.     The thesis “A study of tax system of offshore trade in the prospective of international tax competition and coordination” took the first prize in the 11th essay competition of “the Yangtze River Delta Law Forum” of China Law Society,2014.


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