Academic Staff

Li Rui


Major: Criminal Law

Post: Teacher

Office Address: No.110 of Law School


Education background:

A visiting scholar at Macquarie University in Australia.

A visiting scholar at University of Wisconsin Law School in the USA.

German universities and Judiciary Law vocational training.

East China University of Political science and Law, Bachelor of Law

East China University of Political science and Law, Master of Laws

East China University of Political science and Law, Dr. Economic Criminal Law


Work experience:

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Law School teacher, director of Experiment and Practice Center.

Former chief of Shanghai Jing'an District People's Procuratorate Prosecution Division and members of Review Committee.

Beijing Longan Law Firm Shanghai Office lawyers.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Kaiyuan Law School, part-time tutor.

AGG Atlanta law firm trainee solicitor




1.         Participation in the 2010 National Social Science Fund “Deepen the Financial System” (09ZD030) issues, chaired sub-topics “Enhancing Financial Services” and “Modern Electronic Banking”.

2.         Chaired and completed 2013 Legislative Affairs Office of Shanghai project “An Empirical Study of Securities Crime”.

3.         Chaired in 2014 the Ministry of Justice legal state and legal theory research “FTA AML Legal Issues”.



1.         Monograph:“ Chinese Credit Card Industry and the Regulation of Crime”, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2013.

2.         Monograph:“ Research on Credit Card Crime”, Shanghai Social Science Press, 2009.

3.         Involved works:“ System of Criminal Law”, China Legal Publishing House, 2012.



Published many papers in “Research on Financial and Economic Issues”,“ Political Science and Law”,“ ECUPL Journal”,“ Criminal Law Review”,“ Chinese Criminology Review” and other financial, legal core journals.



One of Shanghai Ten Outstanding Young Persons Skilled Positions

The First Attorney Business Expertise in Prosecution System in Shanghai

Shanghai Second Peace Heroes Nomination

Shanghai Outstanding Prosecutor

Shanghai Outstanding Arrest Investigators Expert

The First Prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award (collective)

The Second Prize of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Teaching Achievement Award (collective).


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