Academic Staff

Li Yu


Major: Civil and Business Law

Post: Teacher

Office Address: No.412 of Law School


Education Background

China’s Social Science Institute, Doctor, Master of civil and commercial law

Huadong University of Law and Politics, bachelor.


Work Experience

Lawyer and manager of legal problems in a State-possessed financial corporation.


Main research achievements:


1.       Priority and Publication of Debt Transference in Chinese Journal of Law, No.6, 2012

2.       The Legal Status of Client of Commercial Trust in Legal Forum, No.5, 201”2

3.       “Legal person” in legal person: Sort Research of commercial trust in Fight for Civil Law: Collection for Mr Liang, Huixing’s Seventy years old, 2014, Legal Publisher of China

4.       Research of Commercial Trust in Collection of Discussion of Civil and Commercial Law, Vol.36, 2006

5.       Development of Commercial Trust Law and Reformation of China’s Trust Law, which got the third class prize of the paper competition of “The Decade of Trust from My View ” by China Trustee Association

 Translations of Essays:

1.       United States Trust Code(2010 reviewed) in Legal Forum Vol.57, 2015

2.       The Third Restatement of American Torts in Legal Forum Vol.46, 2010

3.       Civil Codes of Europe: Commercial Agency, Franchise and Distribution Contract in Legal Forum Vol.42, 2009



1.       Suggestions for China’s Civil Code with reasons (8 books ), having co-authored with others, Legal Publisher of China,2013

2.       Introduction of Common Law, co-authored with Professor Gao, Hongjun, Peking University Publisher, 2013, included in National Collection of Achievements of Philosophy and Social Science


Translation of Publication

American behavior Torts: a history of Knowledge, co-translator: Wang, Xiaoming, Peking University Publisher, 2014



1.       Member of Project Research of Legislation of China’s Civil Code by National Philosophy and Social Science Fund.

2.       Member of Humanitarian and Social Science Important Project Research of Common Law and Western Legal Civilization by Education Department of China


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