Academic Staff

Zhu Xiaozhe

Major Civil-Business Law

Post: Professor

Office Address: No.408 of Law Building


Education Background

1998.6 Anhui University of Finance, Bachelor Degree of Economic Law

2001.6 East China University of Political Science and Law, Master Degree of Civil and Commercial Law

2004.12 East China University of Political Science and Law, Juris Doctor of Legal History

2005.9 Department of Civil and Commercial Law in East China University of Political Science and Law, Associate Professor and supervisor of masters

2011 "the Institute of Modern History of Private Law", School of Law in Cologne University, Visiting scholar


Academic achievement

1.       “Risk transfer and damages of transaction in delivery-based on the view of comparative law”, “Comparative Law Review”No.2.2015

2.       “Stand and mission of comparative study of civil law and case study”, "Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law", No.2.2015 (Reprinted in "Renmin University of China Center for Information Source: Civil and Commercial Law," No.5.2015).

3.       "Liability of compensation under contract law and tort law damages" (translation), "Chinese and German Private Law Review" (Vol. 10), Peking University Press, December 2014 edition.

4.       "Legal effect of lessee’s preemption right under law hermeneutics – focusing on the nature of preemptive rights, opposing effect and damages", "Cross-strait Law Review" No.3.2014

5.       "Brooks's <German Civil Law> and Legal science Methodology", "Oriental law" No.1.2014

6.       "Dilemma of Comparative Law on risk burden rule under sales contract in China – take Article 11 and 13 of“ Judicial interpretation of sales contracts” as an example",  "Journal of Suzhou University (Social Sciences)" No.4.2013

7.       “Attribution of the government compensation to the loss of property traded during earthquake - comment on the dispute of property sales contract of Liu Guoxiu v. Yang Liqun”, “Sjtu law review” No.2.2013

8.       "Analysis on the damages incurred by third person shock - based on the comparative law study of German civil law theory and practice", "Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law" No.3.2012

9.       "Ownership of the balance of fund value-added benefits of public accumulation funds ", "Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics," No.1.2011

10.   "Reconstruction of system after credit effectiveness Prescription - take Article 22 of <several provisions of the limitation of actions> promulgated by the Supreme Court as the starting point", "China Legal Science" No.6.2010

11.   "Representation and essence of reproductive rights under civil law - the deconstruction of the judicial practice case studies", "Chinese Journal of Law" No.4.2010

12.   “Foundation of the modern civil law system construction methodology ", " Peking University Law Journal " No.3.2010

13.   "Legal effect of the mortgage separating the land and the premises - legal doctrine analysis of Property Law Article 182", "Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law" No.1.2010.

14.   " Modern twist of Grotius natural law tradition", "Oriental law" No.4.2010; reprinted in "China Social Science Digest"No.12.2010; reprinted “Remin University photocopying materials on Legal History ', No.12.2010

15.   "Transfer of the land contracting and management rights of land ", contained "Private Law review" (Vol. 8), Law Press, 2010.

16.   "Rise of the Ideological Transformation Jhering and thoughts of modern civil society", "Zhejiang journal" No.5.2008

17.   " Ideological Transformation from the Middle Ages Roman law to modern civil law ", " Peking University Law Journal " No.1.2007

18.   "A sight of people in modern civil law from the perspective of Spirit of Capitalism", "Legal Science" No.2.2007

19.   "Division of labor, legal and social theory – Study of the legal thought in Durkheim <social division of labor theory> ", edited by Gao Hongjun: "Law of Social Theory ", Tsinghua University Press, 2005.

20.   "Subjects of postmodern jurisprudence", "Law Science" 5th Edition of 2003

21.   "Metaphor in natural person - language studies on word "natural person” in our civil law, "Peking University Law Review" (Volume 4), Law Press 2002.

22.   "Breakthrough on the doctrine of privity – focusing on the third party's infringement claims", "Journal of East China University of Politics and Law" No.5.1999

23.   "History of Thought on modern continental civil law – from sixteenth to nineteenth Century", Tsinghua University Press, 2010 edition.

24.   "Comparative Civil Law and Case Studies" (Vol. I), Law Press, 2015 edition



2011 Granted Awards for Teachers sponsored by Shenyin&Wanguo

2012 Awarded “Taofen” title for East China University of Politics and Law excellent scholar

2012 Awarded Shanghai "Dawn Scholar" title

Won the second prize of the eleventh Outstanding Achievement Award for Philosophy and Social Science in 2012

Appointed as Professor of Law, director of the Institute of comparative jurisprudence and case study of Civil Law at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2013

Selected as director of Chinese Civil Law Research Association in 2014

Selected as director of China Comparative Law Research Association in 2014


Teaching and research specialties

Professor Zhu Xiaozhe has focused on legal education and student development in a long term. His curriculums aiming at undergraduates and graduates, include Civil Law, Property Law, Credit’s rights law, Legal Methodology etc. In particular, Professor Zhu introduced a teaching method namely "case study based on civil claims" so as to consolidate the basis of civil law thinking for undergraduates. Since Professor Zhu became the supervisor of masters majored in Civil and Commercial Law, he has taught more than 50 graduated students. The Master’s graduation paper has won the prize of Shanghai outstanding Master’s thesis.

For Academic research, Professor Zhu Xiaozhe has long been focused on the basic theory of civil law, endeavors to explore a civil law theory suitable for China's social situations in the basis of traditional civil law principles and history of civil law doctrine in Continental law system, as well as the realities of China's national conditions of Justice. Besides, Professor Zhu is good at applying the methods including the integrated use of comparative law, hermeneutics and empirical analysis to identify and solve practical problems of civil legislation and justice with Chinese characteristics, and gradually form a "comparative study of civil law and cases" method as a feature of research.

In academic activities, Professor Zhu Xiaozhe has founded, "Comparative Civil Law Institute of jurisprudence" as a research institution in 2012. He has been working as a director of the institute and organized the academic research activities. Since 2013, Professor Zhu has organized the "Cross-strait symposium of comparative commercial Law and case study" annually and invited leading academics across the Taiwan Strait and domestic outstanding young scholars discuss the major civil cases domestic and abroad. The study report has been edited and published as “comparative civil law and Case Study ", which created a significant impact on cross-strait academia judicial circles of civil law.

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