Academic Staff

Zhou Jiepu

Major: International Law

Post: Vice-professor


Office Address: No.214 of Law School

Office phone: 021-65904870


Education background

Bachelor's degree in law in Fudan University law school,

Master's degree in international law in Fudan University law school,

Doctoral degree in management in SUFE,


Work experience

1989.7-now Teacher at SUFE



Outstanding communist party member of Shanghai teaching and health system, SW research grants the first place in the speech contest of SUFE in 1997, the research grants, SUFE outstanding teaching achievement award, the third prize of Shanghai municipal teaching achievement award,  the fifth and the third SUFE,, ''Good teacher in my mind", The third SUFE "teaching model", Shanghai City Yucai award.


Research project

Hosted Shanghai City Law Institute of city, the key projects ''marketing strategy and consumer protection'' in 2010, Shanghai Oriental notary office in 2010 and the project "Notarization and the construction of Shanghai international financial center'' and many other issues, participated in a number of other topics at all levels.


Scientific research achievements

1.Published two monographs ("Marketing research on the legal regulation", SUFE press, published in December 2007;

2."China foreign investment law mechanism", East China University of Science and Technology press, August 1997),

3.Edited many books and papers published in the ''academic journal'', "politics and law", "Journal of SUFE".


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