Academic Staff

Zhang Shufang

Major: Constitutional Law & Administrative Law

Post: Professor

Education Background

 1983.9 —1987.6, Bachelor of Law at Central South University of Economics and Law

 1989.9 —1992.6,  Master’s degree of Law and Administrative Law at Central South University of Economics and Law

  2003.9 —2006.5, Dr. of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law at Suzhou University

Work Experience

 1987.7— 2000.11   Central South University of Economics and Law, teacher

 2000.12— 2011.6   Law School of East China Normal University
 2011.7-now              Law School of SUFE, teacher


Main Social Profession

Vice President of China Institute of Soft law

Vice President of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Law Research

Director of the Institute of constitutional law in China

The director of the Shanghai Law Society

Executive director of the Shanghai Institute of administrative law

Executive director of Shanghai constitutional society

Shanghai law jurists consultants comprehensive management network


Publications and Papers



The research on the citation of Administrative law, published by China University of Political Science and Law Press in Dec.2008

An empirical analysis of the operation of the Constitution, published by Shandong People's Publishing House in Apr. 2005

Administrative Legislation, Shanxi People's Publishing Housing in Oct.1996


Translation work

Obligations of Human and Citizens, Shanxi People's Publishing Housing



Published more than 80 academic papers, many of them published in the national law of the authority or the core journals ( Ex:Study on the category and regulation of social administrative law, 5th Edition of China Legal Science in 2009; Choice of Administrative Legislation Value, 4th Edition of China Legal Science in 2003; Study on Administrative Review of Normative Documents, 4th Edition of China journey of Law in 2002;Application of administrative law,5th Edition of China journey of Law in 2000.



1. National Social Science Fund Project “Study on the Criteria of Invalid Administrative Act and Judicial Review”  in 2013;

2. National Social Science Fund Project “Study on the Standard of Administrative Law in administrative law” in 2002;

3. Project of the Ministry of Justice “Research on the Administrative Regulations of Government Public Service Under the Background of the Welfare Administration” in 2013;

4.Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science Project “Study on Illegal and Countermeasure of Administrative Lure” in 2010;

5. Shanghai Social Science Fund Project “System Innovation and the Value of Administrative Legislation” in 2006;

6. Shanghai Social Science Fund Project“Study on the System Innovation of Local Legislation in Shanghai” in 2001。



"Hubei province cross century academic backbone”in 1998

“Shanghai Ten Outstanding Youth Jurist” in 2009

"Outstanding Talent Support Program" supported by Ministry of education in 2012,



 The Cause Analysis and Legal Countermeasure of "Administrative Monopoly" won the award of excellent paper award in 2000

"Using" theory of administrative law won the third-prize of the Eighth Session of the Shanghai Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in 2006

"Normative document administrative review system" , won the third prize of the Seventh Session of  Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievements in 2004

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