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Zhang Kaijun

Major: Criminal Law

Post: Teacher/ Guidance of master student

Office Address: No.305 of Law School

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Education Background

2012-2013   Renmin University of China, Doctor of criminal law

2015.9-now  Guest Researcher of Chuo University,Japan


Work Experience

 2012.7-now  Teaching in Law School of SUFE


Teaching Courses

For Undergraduates: Criminal Law Ⅰ(pandect)、Criminal Law Ⅱ(sub-pandect)

For Postgraduates: Comparative Criminal Law Project, Theory of Criminal Law Project, Criminal Law Project, Research On Enterprise and Finance Crime


Academic Achievements

Major Thesis

1.         “The advocation of the theory of complicity of dependency——taking the punishment of the accomplice and the essence as the breakthrough point.” ”Legal Science”,Vol.5,2015.

2.        “Dilemma and prospect of criminal cases guidance system”,”Journal of Guangxi University(Philosophy and Social Science Edition)”Vol.4,2015.

3.        “Crime on cognizance when guilty intention and object changes”, “Contemporary Law Review”Vol.3,2015.

4.        “Crime on cognizance and punishment of stealing property for extorting money——from the analysis of illegal possession purpose.” ”Politics And Law”Vol.3,2015.

5.         “The composition and liability about accomplice——the legal analyses of Zeng’s instigating theft case happened in Nanjing. ””Judgment And Construction of Criminal Law”Vol.16,People’s Court Press,2014 Edition.

6.        “On the system of construction of theory of subordination of accomplice.” ”Tsinghua Law Review”Vol.6,2013.(“Subscription Copy Material of China Renmin University• Criminal Law”Vol.3,2014,reprinted)

7.         “Standards of principal offenders in distinct system of criminal participation and ‘normative formation of objective’. ”””Jurists Review”Vol.4,2013.

8.        “The implementation and application of the theory of subordination of accomplice.” ”Criminal Science”Vol.8,2013.

9.        “The analysis of criminology of killing family members.” ”Crime prevention and control and construction of security China” ”Chinese Procuratorate Press”,2013 Edition.

10.     “Criminal Law regulation of abuse——reflections on the case of kindergarten teacher’s abusing children” ”Journal of Yunnan University(Law Science Edition)”Vol.5,2013.

11.      “Self-examination and future outlook on judicial interpretation of criminal law” ”Criminal Law Review”Vol.29,Beijing University Press,2011 edition.

12.     “The balance between reputation protection and free speech: a comparative study of libel.” ”Politics And Law”Vol.6,2011.

13.     “Study on the complicated issue of crime of illegal absorbing public savings.” ”Law Science Review”Vol.6,2011.(Second author,” Chinese Prosecutor Review”Vol.5,2012,reprinted excerpts.)

14.     “Illegal absorption of public prepayment”(Japan) Printed in “A Comparative Study of economic criminal law in Japan and China” edited by (Japan) Renzhi Zuobo, Guangxu Jin,” Japan Writing Hall”,2011 edition.

15.      “A study on the accomplished and unaccomplished form of drug offenses. ””Journal of Yunnan University(Law Science Edition)”Vol.4,2011.

16.     “The amendment of criminal law under the guidance of the criminal policy of tempering justice with mercy.” ”Journal of Hebei University (Philosophy And Social Science Edition)”,Vol.4,2011.(Second author, “Subscription Copy Material of China Renmin University, Criminal Law”Vol.11,2011,reprinted)

17.      “A study of using the influence of taking bribery and accomplice in bribery.” ”Politics And Law”Vol.9,2010.

18.     “Public opinion legitimacy torture and criminal rational strategy on the basis of rule of law.” ”Criminal Law Review”Vol.26,Beijing University Press,2010 edition.

19.     “On legal regulation and basic countermeasure of sports gambling.” ”Journal of Jinan University(Philosophy Social Science Edition)”Vol.6,2010(Second author)

20.    “To construct criminal law policy for the old with the principle of ‘combining punishment with leniency and leniency plays more important role than punishment’. ””Journal of Guangxi University(Philosophy Social Science Edition)”

21.     “A comparative study on the concept of consequential offense. ”Subscription Copy Material of China Renmin University, Criminal Law”Vol.10,2010,reprinted

22.    “A research on sports gambling crime.” ”Crime Research”Vol.4,2010.

23.    “A comparative study on the meaning of result in criminal law.” ”Journal of Huaqiao University(Philosophy Social Science Edition)”Vol.4,2007.



1.          “The action of infringing on animals should be regulated by criminal law.””Procuratorial Daily” Aug 24th,2015,3rd edition.

2.        “How to judge the instigation behavior when over implementation or inadequate implementation happens” ”Procuratorial Daily” Jun 17th,2015,3rd edition.

3.        “Characteristics of causality in criminal law and treatment in special circumstances.” ”Procuratorial Daily” Apr. 27th,2015,3rd edition.

4.        “National staff could become the subject of using influence of taking bribery.” ”Procuratorial Daily” Mar. 25th,2015,3rd edition.

5.         “37th in criminal law should not be the circumstances for independent exemption from punishment.””Procuratorial Daily” Feb. 11th,2015,3rd edition.

6.        “The establishment condition of euthanasia.” ”Procuratorial Daily” Dec. 10th,2014,B6 edition.

7.         “Determination and application of selective accusation.” ”Shanghai Rule of Law Newspaper”Oct. 8th,2014,A6 edition.


Independent Projects 

1.         Special funds for scientific research of selection and training of outstanding young teachers in Colleges and universities in Shanghai: How to identify the accusation of seizing public or private property.(2013140006)

Science research fund for postgraduates of China Renmin University: A research and empirical study of using the influence of taking bribery and accomplice in bribery.(10XNH015)

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