Academic Staff

Xu Jiqiang

Major: Constitutional Law & Jurisprudence & Political Philosphy

Post: Director of J.M.

Office Address: No.206 of Law School


Education background:

1995.09-1998.07   China School of Political Science and Law, Master of Criminal Law.

2005.09-2009.07  Suzhou University Wangjian Law School, Dr. Constitutional and Administrative Law.


work experience:

1998.07-2013.07   Teach in Law & Politics College of Shanghai Normal University

2013.07-present    Teach in SUFE law school


Main part-job: 

Director of China Law Society Comparative Law Research

Director of China Legal History Society Western Legal Thought History Research

Vice president of Shanghai Law Society Constitutional Research

Director of Shanghai Law Society Sociology of Law Research

Shanghai Xiandong Law Firm part-time lawyer



Undergraduate: Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Law and State, Human Rights and International Human Rights Law, etc.


Graduate: Economic Constitution and Economic Administrative Law (PhD), Constitution (Master), Foreign Constitutional and Administrative Law (Master), Jurisprudence Themes (Master), the Anglo-American Jurisprudence Contemporary Classics Readings (MSc), Gauge Theory of Classical Confucian (MSc).


Academic Achievements:


Published more than 50 papers on law research.


Main masterpiece

1.         “On the Overall Dimension of Deepening the Reform of the Constitution - the Constitutional Structure, Preamble to the Constitution and Our Constitutional Foundation”, “Shandong Social Sciences” (CSSCI), 2015 Vol. 2.

2.         “Contemporary Mission of China's Constitution and the Constitution” ,“Cass Journal of Law”, 2012 Vol. 4.

3.         “The Principle of Proportionality of German Constitutional Practice - On the German Constitutional Status in the Legal Order”, China Constitution Society,“ China Yearbook of Constitutional Law”, 2011 Vol. 9.

4.         “ From Political Concept to Legal Proposition - People-oriented Law and Its Method”,Zhang Wenxian edit:“ Jurisprudence Review”, 2011 Vol. 1.“ China University Academic Abstracts”, excerpted the cards, 2012 Vol. 1.

5.         “Measure of US Constitution Trial”,“ Soochow Law” (the latter volume), 2011.

6.         “Constitutional Rights Normative Structure and Reasoning Mode”,“ Cass Journal of Law”, 2010 Vol. 4. “China University Academic Abstracts”, excerpted 10000 words, 2010 Vol.5.

7.         “Hart’s Sociological Interpretation of Legal Concepts”,“ Soochow Law” (the spring volume), 2009.

8.         “The Rule of Law as the Morality of Law”,“ Global Law Review” (CSSCI), 2009 Vol.2. People Copies “Jurisprudence, Legal History” (CSSCI) , reproduced in full, 2009 Vol. 7.

9.         “Jurisprudence of Measure”,“ Legal Method (CSSCI)”, 2009 Vol. 2.

10.     “Formation of Legal Culture Urban Sociology Interpretation”,“ Journal of Shanghai Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science) (CSSCI), 2009 Vol. 1.

11.     “Law Philosophy in Difficult Cases”,“ ECUPL Journal” (CSSCI), 2008 Vol. 1. People Copies “Jurisprudence, Legal History” (CSSCI), reproduced in full, 2008 Vol. 5.

12.     “Restrict Constitutional Rights and Anti-restriction - Supreme Court of Canada, ‘Oaks test’”,“ Xiamen University Law Review” (the latter volume), 2008.

13.     “Structure of Modern Rule of Law and Features Folk Law”, “Political Law Review”, 2007 Vol. 4.

14.     “The Picture of Law Purpose and Good Order - Aquinas Natural Law Tradition and Its Significance for Contemporary Rule of Law”,“ Xu Xianming edit: “ Law and Social Justice”, Law Press, 2007.

15.     “Aquinas's Natural Law Theory and Its Contemporary Significance”, “ Philosophy Research of Jurisprudence and Law Department (Vol. 2)”, Shanghai Sanlian Press, 2008.

16.     “Relations of Act and Judicial Practice Philosophy - On the Philosophical Mode of Legal Reasoning”, “ Political Science and Law” (CSSCI), 2007 Vol. 12.

17.     “Ideal Law and Jurisprudence Role”,“ Jinan Journal (Philosophy and Social Science) (CSSCI), 2007 Vol. 1.

18.     “‘ Frankly Leniency, Resist Strict’ Institutionalized Legal Analysis”,“ Journal of Shanghai Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science) (CSSCI), 2004 Vol. 6.

19.     “Chinese socialist rule of law Road Way”,“ Political Science and Law” (CSSCI), 2004 Vol.4.

20.     “The Rise of Online Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and China's Response”,“ Journal of Gansu Political Science and Law Institute” (CSSCI), 2001 Vol. 4.

21.     “Beware astray Medical Malpractice Reform”,“ Law Science Magazine” (CSSCI), 1999 Vol. 5.

22.     “Constitute evidence of the legality of criminal audiovisual material”, “ Law Science Magazine” (CSSCI), 1997 Vol. 6.

23.     “The Value of Procedural Justice”, “ Law Science Magazine” (CSSCI), 1997 Vol. 8.

24.     “Chinese Code of Civil Procedure Should be Established Debate Principle”, “ Law Science Magazine” (CSSCI), 1997 Vol. 4.

25.     “Analysis to Prosecutor System of Evidence Show “,“ Law Science Magazine” (CSSCI), 1996 Vol. 7.



1.         Research to measure the mode of constitutional rights reasoning, the National Social Science Fund Project,2011.

2.         Research of socialist concept of rule of law and measure method, Shanghai Education Innovation Project,2011.



The Second Prize in the Eleventh Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Research (paper type), 2012.

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