Academic Staff

Wu Wenfang

Major: Labor Law & Economic Law

Post: Vice-professor

Office Address: No.218 of Law School


Education Background

1996.9-2000.6  Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics .

               Economic Law, obtained bachelor’s degree in Law;

               Accounting, obtained bachelor’s degree in Economics

2000.9-2003.6  Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,

               Law School, obtained master’s degree in Economic Law

2005.9-2009.6  China Renmin University, Law School and University                 Master, Law School, joint postgraduate and PhD co-supervision, obtained PhD in Law,2009.

2006 Awarded the German Cultural Exchange Center (DAAD) joint training doctoral scholarship,

2008.4 Went to Muenster, Germany to study for a year and a half, tutor is the Dean of Law School of Muenster University, the famous German jurist of labor law and social security law,Prof. Dr.Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer.

Work Experience  

2003.9–2011.7 Tianjin Normal University Law School,assistant lecturer, lecturer,engaged in research and teaching work of labor law and social security law, economic law.

2011.8- Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Law School,lecturer,engaged in research and teaching work of labor law and social security law, economic law.


National judicial examination qualification certificate,2003

University teacher qualification certificate,2003

Social functions

Director of Chinese Social Law Society

Director of Shanghai Labor Law Society

Director of Shanghai Nonpublic Economic Rule of Law Society

Director of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Rule of Law Society


Academic Achievements

一、Foreign Journals

L'assurance maladie en Chine   De Droit Compare Du Travail Et De La Securite Sociale  2011-12-01

二、Core Journal

1.         “Basic theory research of the relationship between social insurance fees and taxes.” ”Tax Research”Vol.7,2014.(Authoritative Journal) ISSN 1003-8041

2.        “From chaos to self consistency:Prospect commentary of the effectiveness of collective contract in China.” ”Academic Journal”Vol.3,2014.(Authoritative Journal) ISSN 0439-448x ”China Renmin University Copies(Economic law,  labor law)”Vol.8,2014,reprinted.

3.        “Free flow management system of people in Shanghai free trade test zone.””Legal Science Monthly”Vol.3,2014(Core journal of legal science) ISSN1000-4238

4.        “A study of the prescription conflict between labor dispute arbitration and civil suit.” ”Journal of East China University of Politics and Law”Vol.6,2013 (Core journal of legal science) ISSN1008-4622

5.         “The difficult point of application of labor law in foreign labor dispute cases” ”Legal Science Monthly”Vol.6,2013 (Core journal of legal science)

6.        “A study on regulatory effect and obligatory effect of German collective contract.” ”Studies in Law and Business”Vol.2,2010.China Renmin University Copies(Economic law, labor law)”Vol.8,2010,reprinted. (Core journal of legal science)

7.         “A study on collateral obligation of labor contract.” ”Studies in Law and Business”Vol.4,2006.  (Core journal of legal science)

8.        “Legal Analysis on the protection of the employment rights of dispatched workers.””Jianghuai Tribune”Vol.10,2006. (Core journal of social society)

9.        “Reflections of double attribute of personality.” ”Inner Mongolia Social Sciences”Vol.1,2006.China Renmin University Copies(Civil and commercial law)”Vol.5,2006,reprinted.(Core journal of social science)

10.     “On the definition of labor relations.” ”Labor In China”Vol.7,2005.(Core journal of economic)

11.      “Deficiencies and perfections of interpretations of the Supreme People's Court on the relevant issues concerning the trial of labor dispute cases.” ”Legal Science Monthly”Vol.10,2002. China Renmin University Copies(Economic law, labor law)”Vol.1,2003,reprinted. (Core journal of legal science)


General journal

1、The employer's responsibility of labor force dispatchment, People's Court Daily ,April 29, 2008

2、The value transformation of the efficiency and fairness in American law ,In the perspective of thought tradition and law practice, Journal of Yunnan University (Law Edition), The sixth, 2008

4、The research about labor law of institution's employment system ,published in Journal of Yunnan University(Law Edition), The fourth,2005

5、The legal analysis about identification of interns published in Sociological Review compiled by Jia Lin, Renmin University of China press, May 2007

6、Social security and household security of the Chinese Social Security Law published in Shanxi law August ,2008, China Legal Publishing House)

7、Anti employing discrimination legislation in the perspective of female sociology, published in Journal of Shandong branch of China Women's University, the third,2008

8、The defects and perfection of personnel arbitration system,published in Journal of Hubei Radio and TV University ,the fourth,2005

9、The dilemma and reflection during law enforcement of labor law,Journal of Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics ,the fourth,2008

10、Labor law protection of migrant workers' rights and interests published in Unity Deceber,2006)

11、Legal thinking on the subject of macro-control law, carried in Research on the frontier issues of the Economic Law whose chief editor is Quanxing Wang China procuratorial press 2004 Edition

12、Survey on “one-dimension labor relationship” Clear the legal position of employing units carried in Chinese Social Sciences Weekly .May 28,2012

13、Foreign labor relationship requires further  explicit specification carried in China Trial.August,2012


research subjectsponsored 1 National project6 Provincial and ministerial level projects1 Bureau-level project 1 school-level base project. As a major participant in the Sino German cooperation projects PPP

1、Chaired the National Social Science Fund Youth Project The legal guarantee of the three party coordination mechanism of the employer organization in the labor progress, project No.12CFX087,2012

2、Chaired the Ministry of education Youth Project Research on the legal coordination mechanism of collective labor relations in China. in progress ,project No. 12YJC820112, 2012

3、Presided over the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to focus on innovative projects Research on the mechanism of social insurance right- the transfer of pension insurance in Shanghai city as the research object. in progress, project No. 14ZS076 ,2013

4、Presided over the Ministry of science and law in China Study on the right relief of the migrant workers' pneumoconiosis patients,finished, project No. CLS(2013)C87-1 ,2013

5、Presided over Subject of the Ministry of Justice,in progress, project No. 13SFB3030

6、Presided over Ministerial subject of Ministry of Civil Affairs The present situation and perfection of public trust in China & Concurrently on Coordination of public trust and foundation system,finished ,project No. 2008MZACR001-0935 ,2009

7、Presided over the Tianjin municipal key research topics Investigation and Study on the labor rights in bankruptcy cases(2005),finished

8、Presided over the subject by Tianjin City Industrial and Commercial Bureau Research on the mechanism of the protection of consumer rights and interests in Tianjin(2010), finished on September 2010

9、presided over the subject about project bidding of school-level base and innovation base construction project in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 2012

10、Since 2003,supported by DAAD,as an important member of the Chinese project team,cooperated with my doctoral tutor and tutor during my study in Germany , took part in PPP project of China-German cooperation Mechanisms of Risk and Coverage in the Chinese Social Insurance System from a Comparative Perspective , supporting period is two years


4 Textbooks participated compiling

1、Case analysis of labor law(co-compiled) compiled by JianFei Li, Renmin University of China press,2007

2、Labor law and social security law Twenty-first Century law textbook)(co-compiled) compiled by Huai Guan,Jia Lin, Renmin University of China press,2009

3、Labor law and social security law compiled by Jia Lin,Law Press,2009

4、The course about social insurance law compiled by Jia Lin, Law Press,2011


Honors and Awards

1、Paper The Study of “Regulatory Effect” and “Real Right Effect” in German Collective Contracts won the third prize of the first "China's Social Science Research Award for young people's outstanding achievement award" in 2003

2、The special report Strengthening the mobility of personnel should become the highlight of innovation in the free trade zone won the twelfth philosophy and Social Sciences Internal Research Excellence Award in Shanghai City


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