Academic Staff

Wang Fuhua

Major: Civil Procedural Law

Post: Professor

Office Address: No.301 of Law School

Email: ;

Educational experience

1985 -1989     Obtained a bachelor of law from the Law Department of China University of Political Science and Law

1992 -1995     Obtained a master's degree of law from the Law Department of Peking University

2002-2005      Received a doctor’s degree of law in Litigation from China University of Political Science and Law

2007.4-2007.10  Visiting scholar of University of Queensland in Australia

2013.1-2013.3   Visiting scholar of Planck Marx Procedure Law Research Institute


Working experience

1989 -1992   Court clerk and assistant judge(1990) in Hulun Buir Inner Mongolia League intermediate people's court

1995 -2002   Associate professor (2000) and vice-president in Law Department of Yantai University

2002-2015    Professor(2004), head of the subject(2008) and doctoral supervisor(2015)


Academic part-time

1999-2007    Director of the Procedural Law Research Institute of China Law Society (the seminar was discrete in 2007)

2008-now     Standing director of the Procedural Law Research Institute of China Law Society


Academic achievement

His studying area mainly covers civil action jurisprudence, comparing civil action jurisprudence, judicial system, settlement of civil disputes and the practice of civil trial.


2006—2010  Mainly covers group litigation

2010—2012  Mainly covers modern mediation system;

2012-now    Mainly covers the solution of problems exist in implementation of the new civil procedure law. For example, principle of honesty in litigation, supervise procedure, the suit of the third party discharging, litigation costs .etc.


The publication including the "Group litigation in the changing society", and other 3. The results of legal translation are mainly concentrated in the group litigation system in foreign, conciliation system .etc. He has published more than 70 papers since 1999 in law journals, such as "Jurisprudential study", "Chinese law", "Chinese and foreign law", "Legal science", "Universal law review", "Legal literacy research", "Law", "Law Forum", "Contemporary law" .etc.


Representative papers

1."The applicability of the principle of good faith in the civil procedure", "Chinese law" 2013, 5th

2."Review of Retrial system in Civil retrial ", "Law research" 2007, 1st

3."The system logic of the third people's withdrawal of the lawsuit", "Universal law review" 2014, 4th

4."On the application of the action of the third party's cancellation of action", "Tsinghua law" 2013, 4th

5."Progress and limitation of the agreement jurisdiction", "Legal science" 2012, 6th

6."The present situation and future of the supervision procedure", "Journal of the National Institute of public prosecutors" 2014, 2nd

7."Judgment in the perspective of the Grand Mediation, "East China University of political science and law" 2012, 4th

8."Practical reason to designate special legal representative system", "Law Forum" 2014, 6th

9."The nature, type and procedure of the supervision program", "Contemporary law" 2014, 3rd

10."Open the door to the group action", "Chinese law" 2009, 5th

11."Direct Word Doctrine and Civil Cases Adjudicating Mode", "Chinese law" 2004, 1st

12."Criminal incidental civil action and civil rights protection", "Chinese law" 2002, 2nd

13."How to compensate for the group", "Legal science" 2009, 1st

14."Abolition of the system of civil litigation", "Legal science" 2007, 4th

15."Procedure guarantee in civil procedure" 2002, 6th

16."The procedural value of the theory of interest in the two legal systems" 2000, 5th

17."Study on the qualification of the representative of the group litigation", "Chinese and foreign law" 2009, 2nd

18."The regulation of judicial appraisal", "Law" 2009, 8th

19."Interest appeal in the representative action", "Law" 2006, 6th

20."Civil litigation coordination: between the ideal and the reality", "Modern law" 2006, 6th

21."The study on the mechanism of the procedure of civil procedure", "Legal literacy research" 2004, 2nd

22."The principle of the civil service", "Legal literacy research" 2003, 4th

23."The principle of honesty and credit in civil procedure", "Legal literacy research" 1999, 4th

24."Reform of the civil prosecution system", "Legal and social development" 2001, 6th

25."Interpretation of the rules of procedure: concept, category and method", "Legal and social development" 2002, 6th

26."Research on some problems of modern mediation system", "Contemporary law" 2009, 6th

27."The reason for the existence of the group litigation system" 2008, 6th

28."On the management system of civil cases", "Law Forum" 2008, 2nd

29."Cold Thinking on the establishment of collateral appeal", "Law Forum" 2007, 3rd

30."The two basic problems of the system of civil withdrawal", "Law Forum" 2005, 6th



"Group litigation in the changing society" (Shanghai philosophy and social funds support monograph), Shanghai century publisher group (2011)



"Global mediation trends" (translation),China Legal Publishing House 2010


Teaching material

1."Civil action jurisprudence" (independent essays), Tsinghua University Press 2012, 2013

2."Civil action jurisprudence" (independent essays, 2nd), Tsinghua University Press 2015 


Presided over the project

1.National Social Science Fund Project :"The development of the modern litigation case and the adjustment of the function of the group"(2003)

2.Humanities and social science project of the Ministry of Education :"Group action in common law system"(2011)

3.Shanghai philosophy and social planning project :"Study on the system of the civil legal system of the civil law system"(2012)

4.Shanghai Jiaotong University Arts Innovation Project :"Study on the rule of res elimination rules"(2012)

5.Legal theory project of the Ministry of Justice :"Theory and practice of mediation"(2009)


Presided over the course construction

1.Shanghai Municipal Education Commission of higher education undergraduate courses(Shanghai Jiao Tong University,2013)

2.Shanghai Municipal Education Commission of higher education undergraduate course(Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,2015)



1.Monograph "Group litigation in the changing society" won the third prize of the Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Shanghai in 2012.

2.Paper "Abolition of the trial system of civil litigation"won the first prize of the Excellent Legal Achievements" of Shanghai in 2010.


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