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Liang Xingguo

   Major:Theory of law

   Professional title:Associate professor
   Office address:Law building 404 rooms

Learning and working experience
Admitted to Renmin University of China for bachelor's degree in September, 1990
After graduating from school, he worked in national institute of justice of the department of justice and Research Department of the Ministry of Justice for 10 years from 1994. He has been the editor of “Judicial Studies”, superintend in the editorial office, vice director in newsroom , deputy director of theory department.
September, 1999 to September, 2002, reading for a master's degree in Law School of Peking University when working.

September, 2004, he resigned from the Department of Justice, He has been a doctoral student of China University of Political Science and Law School of law, and graduated in 2007, gain a doctor degree in law.
July, 2007, he has been to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. And now he is an associate Professor, Master Tutor.


Academic achievement

Academic papers and essays
1.   “Defective product recall system and government management research”, “Research on the government legal system”2013, 11th。
2.  ”Network public opinion and social conflict management”, Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,2012, 3rd。
3.  ”’Five four’ enlightenment consciousness and contemporary Chinese University Spirit”,Social scientist,2011, 2rd。
4.  ”The dilemma of social ethics and the path of institutional construction”, it was collected in “The nineteenth International Symposium on ethics of China and South Korea”,The content of this article is quoted by the daily report of Liberation Daily (2011-5-23) and the dynamic of Philosophy (August 2011) etc.
5.”The educational public policy in the age of rule of law: from ‘the rule of law’ to ‘the rule of law’”,Politics and Law Forum,2010, 6th。
6.  ”On the rule of law in the government's power to intervene in the economy”,Shanghai Social Sciences eighth annual meeting proceedings of selected papers,November, 2010.

7.   “Origin of law: national, ethical, public and other”,Politics and law,2010, 8th
8.   “Research on the ethical nature of legal profession”,Chinese judicial,2010, 5th.
9.   “Exploration and Thinking on the teaching methods of jurisprudence course”,Research on higher education of Finance and Economics,2010, 3rd.
10. "From the case, the case law to the case guidance system",Journal of East China University of politics and law,2008, 6th.
11. "The research of intellectual property protection University names",Research on higher education of Finance and Economics,2008, 4th.
12. “Autonomy of law and ethics”,Ethical research,2008, 3rd(This paper by the National People's Congress books copy "ethics" in 2008 ninth reprinted).
13. “Three dimensions of right understanding”,Search,2008, 4th.
14. “Cara OK copyright disputes and intellectual property rights issues”,Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES),2008, 1st。
15. “The rationality and limitation of law renewal”,Legal method(No. 6),Shandong people's Publishing House, 2007.
16. “The rational perspective of law”,Law of graduate students,2006, 10th.
17. “Value analysis of lawyer's practice behavior”,Chinese judicial,2006, 7th.
18. “Legal thinking and its research in decision making”,Applicable law,2006, 11st.
19. “The influence of unit rules on the legal effect”,Politics and Law Forum,2006, 5th.
20. "Let the punishment become a kind of justice",People's daily,October, 11st, 2006, 13th  ("" as the "central media network" on the front page article published).
21. “Subsistence allowances: what kind of rights? What obligations? “,People's daily,October, 25th, 2006, 15th.
22. “Home style police office how to go far”,People's daily,October, 25th, 2006, 14th.(Because at the same day, the newspaper published another article by him on fifteenth version, so they needed him to use his pen name newspaper, so this article titled “Xing Guoliang”)。
23. “Analysis of case, about treatment method of the stillbirth in hospital”, People's court,May, 15th, 2006, B4.
24. “A brief discussion on the social function of social control and judicial administration”,Chinese judicial,2005, 11st.
1.  ”Research on the establishment of government information directory in the field of economy and information”,Issue of Shanghai economic and Information Committee in 2013,Host,successfully completed in 2014
2.  ”Research on defect product recall system and government management”,  Shanghai Municipal People's government decision-making advisory legal system special tender subject in 2012,Host, successfully completed in 2013
3.  ”Research on the problem of information law”, Research project of national and local major strategic issues in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2012,Host,successfully completed in 2013.
4.  ”The legal life of modern people”,bidding projects of Shanghai about Municipal Science and technology in 2011 ,Subsidy amount 20 thousand yuan,Host,successfully completed in 2012.
5.  “Study on legislation of information regulations of Shanghai City”,Commissioned by the Shanghai Economic Information Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Center of the Internet in 2011,Host,successfully completed in 2012.
6.  “A study on the legal thinking of group event handling and disposal”,the Ministry of education planning topics in 2010,Host, in studying.
7.  “Research on the conflict of intellectual property rights——A way of philosophy of law”,Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission“Doctoral dissertation funding projects in Beijing University”in 2006,Host,successfully completed in 2007

8.  “Research on the scientific development view and the judicial administrative work”,Department of the Ministry of Justice in 2005,deputy head in Project group ,successfully completed in 2005
9.  “The role of judicial administrative work in the overall coordinated development of economy, society and science and technology”,Ministry of Justice Ministry of planning major issues in 2004,He take on "the study of the social function of the judicial administrative work", successfully completed in 2005.
Third, writing:
1.   “Modern man's legal life”,Writing,Shanghai people's Publishing House,August, 2012
2.   “Intellectuals and society”,translation,Zhongxin Publishing House,September, 2013 
Fourth, rewarding:
1.   Legislative Research of”Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on Information Technology”, Won the award “The eleventh outstanding achievements of philosophy and Social Sciences in Shanghai(2010-2011)”Internal Excellence Award, in 2012
2. “The active teaching method of the course in the undergraduate course of Jurisprudence: the group circle discussion and the comment of the legal person”, Won the award “Shanghai University of Finance and Economics outstanding teaching achievement first prize”in 2010.

3.   “Research on the ethical nature of legal profession”, Won the award “The seventh ‘China judicial Cup’ excellent paper award two” in 2011.
4.   “The study of the effect of unit rules on the legal effect”, Won the award“China University of Political Science and Law third ‘Jimen academic’ best paper award " in 2006.


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