Academic Staff

Su Pan

Major: International Financial Law

Post: Lecturer

Office Address: No.414 of Law School


Education Background

2006-2010 Peking University, Bachelor of Laws, minor in Economics

2010-2012 Peking University Law School, Master of Laws (International Economics Laws)

2014-2015 Stanford University Law School, Master of Judicial Science (J.S.M)

2012-2016 Peking University Law School, Doctor of Laws (International Law)


Academic Achievements

1. Why Does a Powerful Regulatory Regime Fail? An Examination of the Regulation of Prepaid Cards in China, Hong Kong Law Journal (SSCI), Vol.45, Part 3 of 2015.

2. Public Enforcement vs. Private Enforcement: Fighting Corruption by Regulating Prepaid Cards in China, Asian Business Lawyer, Vol.16 (Fall 2015).

3. The Reform of Sponsor’s System under the Background of Registration System: Enlightenment from Hong Kong to the Mainland, Securities Law Review, Vol.9.

4. The Host Country’s supervision to the Foreign Investment of Sovereign Wealth Funds and China’s Choice, Financial Law Forum, Ser. 86.

5. Has participated in the National Social Science Fund and a number of projects belong to People's Bank of China and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

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