Academic Staff

Wang Jinling


Major: Civil Law and Commercial Law

Post: Teacher

Office Address: No.301 of Law School



1.Education Background:

Juris Doctor (J.D.) in University of California, Davis

Physiology Doctor (P.D.) in University of Wisconsin, Madison


2.Teaching Practice and Research:

Ms. Wang now works as a lecturer in School of Law, SHUFE. She teaches many English-taught courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students including Introduction to Common Law, Contract Law, International Commercial Law, Comparative Intellectual Property Law, Comparative Contract Law, etc.

Main research area is Intellectual Property. Ms. Wang has conducted Intellectual Property research concerning international trade, medical patent protection, public health, China Free Trade Zone, etc.

For now, Ms. Wang has published related articles on Journal of Customs and Trade and held the related research launched by Shanghai Law Society.


3.Other Work Experience:

Ms. Wang has been engaged in biomedical scientific research for many years in University of Wisconsin and California Institute of Technology. She also participated in legislative work of FDA, USA.


4.Social Organization and Activities: 

The American Bar Association

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Shanghai Law Society


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