SHUFE All-English Master of Law (LL.M.) Program



I Program Description

This Program is applicable to international students who participate in the All-English Master of Law (LL.M.) Program in SHUFE Law School. All courses except for the Chinese language course will be given in English. The degree thesis should be written and defended in English.


II Objective

Based on the subject of law, supported and integrated by the rich teaching resources in the area of economics and management which is high-ranking nationally, this Program aims to foster the legal professionals with international talents. Students in this Program is supposed to: (1) have a solid foundation of legal theories, good citizenship and deep understanding to the spirit of rule of law principle; (2) possess the professional knowledge of economic law, civil & commercial law, etc., and be able to combine theory with practice; (3) possess a strong ability to observe, analyze, and research on legal issues; (4) become competent professionals in the field of economic law, civil & commercial law and relative areas after graduation.


III Length of Study

The length of study for the All-English Master of Law (LL.M.) Program is 2 years. Students who get all credits but fail to finish the degree thesis within 2 years may apply for an extension for their study period. In general, the overall lengthy of study should not exceed 3 years.


IV Courses and Credits Requirement

This Program requires 31 credits from 4 parts (see the attached curriculum).

(1) 3 common courses, with 5 credits totally. 

(2) 3 foundation courses, with 9 credits totally.

(3) 7 compulsory courses, 2 credits of each and 14 credits totally.

(4) 1 elective course, with 3 credits.


V Training Method and Examinations

The main method of training is classroom teaching. The tutorial system will be adopted during the whole study period. Supervisors will lead the students to finish the program during their study in the university and supervise the students to write the degree thesis.

See Teaching and Studying List for Graduate Students of SHUFE for specific details.


VI Degree Thesis

Each student of this Program is required to write a degree thesis (not less than 20,000 words). The thesis should be written independently by the students under the instruction of their supervisors, and should provide a table of contents in Chinese and an abstract of no less than 3000 words in Chinese. After the thesis is completed, the students are required to participate in thesis defense arranged by the Law School.


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