Cutting-edge legal research has long been a hallmark of SHUFE Law. Our faculty have created and participated in numberous research centers and projects housed both in SHUFE Law and throughout the University. SHUFE Law’s research programs and centers feature outstanding work in a wide range of fields and disciplines.


We value research in which academics and research students choose the problem to address and the methods for addressing them, and we value research that is connected to our teaching. SHUFE Law facilitates reseach programs and supports interdisplinary work in collaboration with other universties. From financial law to intellectual property law, tax law to environmental law and economics, these fascinating centers host lectures, seminars, symposia and academic conferences, enhancing intellectual discourse and discussion on campus and beyond. These programs also provide students with valuable research opportunies and the chance to work directly with faculty members on projects at the cores of their scholarly agendas.


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