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The Law School of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SHUFE) was officially created in December 1998. The history of the Law School can be traced back to the Teaching & Research Section of International Trade and Economic Law established under the International Economics Faculty in 1980. Subject to the adjustment between the faculties, the staff of that Section was removed to the Economics Faculty in January 1981, with the name changed to the Teaching & Research Section of Economic Law. In 1987, the Economics Faculty created the major of Economic Law and began to recruit undergraduate students. In December 1991, the Faculty of Economic Law was created and its name was changed to the Law Faculty in August 1998. Not very long, the Law School was officially created instead of the Law Faculty.


Currently, the Law School has 45 teachers, among which there are 13 professors, 13 associate professors. 12 professors are qualified to supervise doctorate candidate, and 24 teachers are qualified to supervise master candidate. Totally, 29 teachers have doctor degrees. They have various academic backgrounds, graduating from renowned domestic or overseas universities such as Cambridge University, University of London, Edinburgh University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Peking University, etc.


Besides the four-year undergraduate education, the Law School has nine legal master programs including Economic Law (1998), Constitutional Law & Admimistrative Law (2000), International Law (2003), Civil Law & Business Law (2006), Legal Theories (2006), Legal History (2011), Criminal Law (2011), Procedural  Law (2011), Law of Environment & Resource Protection (2011), and one legal profession master program (2005). In 2006, upon the approval by the authorization, the Law School began to have two doctorate program, i.e. Legal Economics and Legal Finance.


The purpose of the Legal Eonomics doctorate program is to train the high-level persons who master the basic theory and method of law and economics, and possess the research and pratice abilities in respect of law and economics. Several famous professors are involved in this program, such as Prof Liao Yixin, Prof Wang Quanxing, Prof Wang Shiru, Prof Shan Feiyue, Prof Liu Shuilin, Prof Zhang Junqi, Prof Zhang Shencui, Prof Shang Hailing, Prof Ma Hong, Prof Zhang Shufang, etc.


The other doctorate program Legal Finance aims to foster the high-level persons who master the basic theory and method of law and finance, and possess the research and practice abilities in respect of law and finance. The professors in this program include Prof Zhou Zhongfei, Prof Zheng Shaohua, etc.


Every year, nearly 120 students are admitted to the undergraduate program while 200 to the graduate program. They are selected from all over the country through national examinations. Most of them are talented. After several years’ study, they usually start their careers from big law firms, banks, securities companies, insurance companies, government departments, etc.


SHUFE Law has wide connections with foreign law schools and research institutions. Foreign law professors are often invited to give lectures for the students or to present aspeeches in the seminars.


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