SHUFE has four campuses. The main campus, the undergraduate education hub, is on Guoding Road. The North Zhongshan No. 1 Road Campus is home to MBA programs, international students and professionals. The Wuchuan Road Campus is a new education base for both undergraduates and graduates. What's more, there is the Wudong Road Campus, which is currently under construction. Campus map:



2. Accommodation

The international students can apply to live in dorms on campus. All of the dorms are furnished with beds, desks, air-conditioners and separate bathrooms. However, the school will not supply accommodation to the students who extend their duration of study. Students can also rent off campus, but School of Law would not bear any responsibilty related to property loss or personal injury.



With the student ID you can choose whatever you want in eight dinning halls where a varities of foods are served. Rice and dishes served as a fast food pattern are available at the small restaurants around campus. You can also order dishes there.



There are two supermarkets (Wal-Mart and Tesco) within a walking distance. Wal-Mart is located at 156 Song Hu Road and Tesco at 501 San Men Road. Articles of everyday use and a big variety of food are available there.



Metro Line 3 and 10 are near SHUFE campus. The two nearest stations are Jiangwan Town Station and Jiangwan Stadium Station. If you want to go the downtown (People’s Square), you may take bus No. 537. The most convenient way to travel is to take subways. Taxis are cheap and convenient.



There are several ATMs inside campus. Foreign currencies in cash or traveler’s checks may be changed into Chinese RMB at nearest bank, ICBC, located opposite the main gate of Guoding Campus. It provides diverse services. It is encouraged that you always go to a big ICBC, as other banks might not operate business with foreign currencies.


7.Medical Care

There is a shool clinic on the main campus. SHUFE ID is needed for treatment. For off campus medical care, it is recommended that you go to the International Health Center of Shanghai No.1 People’s Hospital (585 Jiu Long Road; 6324-0090 ext. 2101). If you have oversea medical insurance, please bring there. The Center is equipped with advanced medical facilities and its doctors speak foreign languages.  


8.Student ID

Upon completion of registration at SHUFE, you will receive your student ID card. Keep your ID with you all times in case you are required to show it (such as entering the library or dorm). In case of loss, report to the Department of Student Affairs immediately and follow the procedures to get a replacement.



Always lock your dormitory room. Be sure to lock up your valuables. If you go out, keep your money, passport and/or resident permit in a safe place. Never carry large amounts of cashes.



Humid subtropical weather. Four seasons are obvious. Warm to hot and humid in summer, and cool in winter. It seldom snows.




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