7th Station of Visiting Legal Culture Red Resource Educational Event-Shanghai History Museum

By Xu Zifei, translated by Gao Zheng, March 29, 2019

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Law Society of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, on March 24, 2019, 12 students from School of Law visited the Shanghai History Museum on West Nanjing Road. Originally the Shanghai Race Club, the building is a landmark museum that witnesses the historical development of Shanghai. The museum houses a large collection of cultural relics, literature and photographs representing Shanghai's historical process, and comprehensively displays the long historical picture from ancient Shanghai to the liberation of Shanghai in 1949.



The layout of the museum is solemn and elegant, taking people to the history through time and space. Under the guidance of the lecturers, the students visited the "Preface Hall", "Ancient Shanghai" and "Modern Shanghai" exhibition halls. Every artifact displayed in the museum carries culture and tells a story. Students viewed these elegant historical exhibits, admiring the splendid history of the development of Shanghai's civilization.




The short film "A Brief History of Shanghai" broadcast on the huge screen of the Preface Hall introduces the history of Shanghai. The exhibition hall “Ancient Shanghai” also elaborates the development process of Shanghai from ancient time to present time through animated video pictures. The rich heritage of Majiabang culture, Zhangze culture and Liangzhu culture witnessed the long history of Shanghai. The development of shipping trade, salt industry prosperity and textile industry prosperity show the flourishing Shanghai town. The exhibition hall "Modern Shanghai" reflects Shanghai’s important historical position as national economic and cultural center from 1843 to 1949, the epitome of modern China and important metropolis of the world, as well as the source and pre-center of China's modern revolution.




Taking history as a mirror, we can learn about the rise and fall. Through this visit, we not only knew the Shanghai’s vicissitudes and vigorous development, but also got the education of revolutionary tradition and education of ideals and beliefs The visit also reminded the students that young people should take the responsibility and historical mission. Students all said that they would devote more enthusiasm to the study, get down-to-earth, keep in mind the mission and move forward, not forgetting the initial dream.

Xu Zifei, a JM postgraduate of the first grade said: "In the museum, while admiring the human civilization, I can't help but praise the creativity and craftsmanship of the ancient people. I am fascinated by the exhibits in the showcase. My favorite part is craftsmanship, such as the finely crafted goldsmiths, the vivid stone statues, the exquisite calligraphy. Behind each of the historical myths, legends and facts, there is a romantic or amazing story. Many comics are drawn from this, such as " Anatolia Story, "Golden Birdcage of Dreams", "RG VEDA", " Genju No Seiza ". After watching the comics, I come back to see the relevant exhibits. Those names become familiar and amiable. This is so wonderful.”

He Jianjian, a JM postgraduate of the first grade said: "Maybe some people think that Shanghai is a city without history, but it was developed from a small fishing village that took its geographical advantage. But if you have explored the exhibition hall "Ancient Shanghai", I’m sure your understanding of Shanghai’s history will be refreshed!"

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