2019 Summer Program of School of Law, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with Oriel College, Oxford University and Magdalene College, Cambridge University successfully concluded

From August 4 to August 31, 2019, graduate student Hou Baosheng (2017 Master of International Law) of School of Law, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics went to Oxford University’s Oriel College and Cambridge University’s Magdalene College for the four-week summer exchange learning activity.

(The picture shows the award ceremony of Oriel College)

1. Rich variety of classes to take in university

Except medicine which can only be taken by medical students, each week students could choose a course from economics, law, ethics, technology and other fields to study. These courses offered are the school's superior subjects and are taught by senior professors or well-known scholars in the school. There were diverse forms of teaching, including teacher-student discussion, group discussion and group presentation. Students participated in class learning every Monday to Thursday, and on Friday they need to take this week's course assessment. Those who passed the test would be awarded credits and certificates. After several weeks’ learning, the students have learned a lot and their knowledge about law expanded. In addition, the gentlemanly image and the rigorous academic attitude of British scholars left a deep impression on the students.

(Professor Pitkethly is teaching Intellectual Property Law; Professor Stefan is teaching EU Competition Law)

2. Daily life with British style

Britain is a country that values tradition, and solemn and quaint British buildings prevail almost everywhere in the city and countryside. As centuries-old universities, Oxford and Cambridge have conserved the British tradition intact. During the entire exchange period, the students' accommodations, food and class learning were almost carried out in the ancient college. This also gave the students an opportunity to experience the life of local students firsthand. They drank English black tea, ate cookies and walked on the green lawn. They acquired scholars’ penetrating insights during the day, and felt the collision of fascinating thoughts and ideas in the business at night. Such a strong academic atmosphere makes people totally immersed in study.

(The apple tree in front of Trinity College,                (A corner of Oriel College (the place where students stayed)

Cambridge University is said that this tree is the

descendant of the apple tree that hit Newton.)

(Cambridge by the poet Xu Zhimo)

3. Colorful extracurricular activities

The exchange program included not only rich class learning, but also colorful extracurricular activities. In addition to classes from Monday to Friday, the school also organized various recreational activities for students, such as Traditional Punting, Croquet, and Shakespeare Drama Workshop.

                      (Unique punting activity )                                       (Croquet on the lawn)



On weekends, the school also arranged group trips. Students could choose and visit a destination among London, Bath, Great Yarmouth and other places full of British characteristics. Through the introduction of the tour guide, the students have a deeper understanding of British culture.

(The London Eye, an iconic building in London) (The Parliament Building, the highest legislature in the UK)

4.The perfect ending

(A unique British candlelight dinner. The picture shows the project leader giving a speech at the farewell dinner)


The quaintness of Oxford University and the romance of Cambridge University are the deepest memories in the hearts of the students. Excellent students from all over the world gathered here. After nearly a month of exchange and study, precious friendship has been established between students and teachers. We jointly look forward to more and deeper exchanges and cooperation among Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

Picture: Hou Baosheng



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