Prof. Ian Walden, Director of CCLS of QMUL Visited SUFE Law School

On May 17, 2019, the Center for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) of QMUL, visited SUFE Law School and conducted an in-depth cooperation meeting. The meeting was successfully held in conference room 211 of the Law School. The director of CCLS, Prof. Ian Walden, Director of International Business Development and Project Management, Ms. Zhou Huiwen, and Ms. Claire Walden, Engineer of the Wavelength Institute of Legal Engineering in the United Kingdom attended the meeting. Dean of the SUFE Law School, Prof. Song Xiaoyan, Vice Dean, Associate Prof. Hu Ling, Assistant Dean, Associate Prof. Wu Wenfang, Dr. Wang Jinling and Dr. Cai Yuanzhen attended the meeting.

Dean Song Xiaoyan first expressed a warm greeting to Prof. Walden. She pointed out that the good cooperative relationship between the Law School of SUFE and CCLS hasaccumulated for several years, not only has fruitful achievements in academic research and training, but also laid a good foundation for further cooperation. As the new dean of CCLS, Prof. Walden visited our school in hope of a new round cooperation at the beginning of his tenure. This is very important to the prospects of cooperation between the two parties and will also promote the future cooperation to a new phase. The Law School of SUFE has been in a stage of rapid development in the past few years and the achievements in teaching and scientific research are remarkable. It has focused on exploring courses, class designs, and teaching styles and strategies. At the same time, the demand for scientific research of the faculty of SUFE Law School and the cutting-edge of research objects are also constantly increasing, so it is more necessary to cooperate with top international teaching and researching institutions to provide a higher platform for academic exchanges.

Prof. Ian Walden expressed his sincere thanks to Dean Song Xiaoyan for her enthusiasm and acceptance. He said that, building on the solid foundation of bilateral cooperation, expanding the scope and content of cooperation will become one of his follow-up work priorities. The Law School of SUFE has ample research power in intellectual property law, high-tech law, new currency law, etc., which is the main direction for the next cooperation between the two parties. Regarding Chinese students going to CCLS to study for degrees and exchange studies, Prof. Walden said that CCLS appreciates the long-term favor of Chinese students and will continue welcoming students to study here. For this reason, CCLS will maintain close communication with the Law School of SUFE, and discuss how to build a deeper cooperation channel in educational exchanges in future.

In the subsequent sessions, the two parties had an in-depth discussion on the intentions of later cooperative research projects and related academic issues, including artificial intelligence, computational law, megadata, blockchain, live games and sports competition, the judicial application of high-tech technology, etc. In addition, the two institutions also exchanged opinions on the design of student exchange programs, such as thesis requirements, dual tutor system, courses expansion, distance learning and other issues. The meeting concluded with a pleasant ending.

Contributed by: Cai Yuanzhen

                                 Photograph:Tong Xin; Huang Qian

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