"China-Latin America and Caribbean Countries Legal Talent Exchange Program Seminar" held the opening ceremony at SUFE

On the morning of May 22, 2019, the opening ceremony of the“China-Latin America and Caribbean Countries Legal Talent Exchange Program Seminar”was held at SUFE. Zhang Mingqi, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Chinese Law Society, Ding Shan, Counselor of the Latin American and Caribbean Department of MFA, He Pinwei, Vice President of the Shanghai Law Society and Chairman of the Shanghai CPPCC Social and Legal Committee, Xu Tao, Committee Secretary of SUFE, Chile’s Consul General in Shanghai Gennacio Concha attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zheng Shaohua, President Assistant of SUFE and Director of the China-Latin America Legal Research Center, presided over the opening ceremony. The seminar is sponsored by Chinese Law Society and undertaken by Shanghai Law Society and SUFE. Argentina’s Consul General in Shanghai Oparo, Cuba’s Consul General in Shanghai Nestor Torres Oliveira, Brazil’s Consul in Shanghai Pan Xin, Ecuador’s Deputy Consul in Shanghai, Mauricio Miranda Chavez etc., 20 students from 14 countries in Latin America and Caribbean and representatives of teachers and students from the School of Law of SUFE attended the opening ceremony.

In 2007, the Chinese Law Society initiated the “China-Latin America Legal Forum”, which has been held successfully for seven sessions so far. It has become a long-term communication mechanism and cooperation platform for China-Latin America legal areas, and written in the“China-Latin America and Caribbean Cooperation Plan(2015-2019)” and taken in the framework of the “China-CELAC” forum. The “China-Latin America and Caribbean Countries Legal Talent Exchange Program Seminar” aims to implement the“China-Latin America and Caribbean Countries Cooperation Plan (2015-2019)”and the spirit of the second ministerial meeting of the China-CELAC Forum, and strengthen communications and dialogues of legal communities between China and Latin America and Caribbean countries, promote our country's "Belt and Road" initiative and new achievements in democracy and rule of law, and propel practical exchanges and cooperation in legal domains of China-Latin America economy and trade.

Zhang Mingqi Vice President and Secretary-General of the Chinese Law Society

Zhang Mingqi pointed out in his speech that “Civilizations communication due to diversity, mutual learning due to communication, and development due to mutual learning.” Civilization of the rule by law is the same. It is of great positive significance to strengthen the exchanges between the legal areas of China and Latin America, fortify mutual trust in the rule of law, construct consensus on the rule of law, and deepen the cognition and understanding of each other's legal systems and development paths. The high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road” puts forward higher requirements for promoting the connectivity and coordination of China-Latin America rules, improving China-Latin America rule by law guarantee system, and deepening China-Latin America rule by law communication and cooperation. The hard cultivation and high-quality development of the “Belt and Road” are embodied in the keywords such as innovation, openness, greenness, integrity, fair opportunity, and serving the people. And the realization of these keywords is inseparable from the protection of the rule by law. Only when China and Latin America work together, attach importance to the rule by law, promote cooperation in the rule by law, and build stable, fair and transparent rules and governance frameworks, can we secure the high-quality and sustainable development of the “Belt and Road” initiative and achieve the prospective goals.

Ding Shan Counselor of the Latin American and Caribbean Department of MFA

Ding Shan emphasized that the secret of the long-term, rapid and healthy development of China-Latin America relationships lies in the "three persistence." First, both sides always adhere to equality, mutual respect and trust, which are the essential characteristics of China-Latin America relationships; second, always adhere to mutual benefit, win-win and co-development, and this is the brightest background of China-Latin America cooperation; the third is the two parties always adhere to exchanges and mutual learning, and goals of self and others can be unified, which is the deep connotation of China-Latin America friendship. He pointed out that China and Latin America's joint construction of the "Belt and Road" conforms to the needs and common interests of both parties. At present, China-Latin America relationships are in a period of rapid development, the holding of this seminar will help Latin American students to further strengthen their understanding of Chinese law and it is just the right time.

He Pinwei Vice President of the Shanghai Law Society and Chairman of the Shanghai CPPCC Social and Legal Committee

He Pinwei pointed out that complex and profound changes are continuing to take place in the international situation, and the importance of law in promoting the relationships development of state, region international society and in building a fair and reasonable international system and order has become increasingly important. The holding of this seminar provided a professional platform for the legal circles of China and Latin America and the Caribbean countries to enhance understanding, expand consensus, strengthen friendship, and promote cooperation. It will promote the development of regional rule by law and improve the economic and trade legal fields’ practical exchanges and cooperation between China and Latin America and the Caribbean countries. It also plays a very important role in promoting the establishment of a more transparent, fair, reasonable and effective international governance system.

Xu Tao, Committee Secretary of SUFE

On behalf of SUFE, Secretary Xu Tao extended warm greetings to the envoys and students of Latin American and Caribbean countries in Shanghai from afar. He introduced to the students the development of SUFE and the school's law discipline. After years of development, the Law School of SUFE has formed distinctive characteristics of financial research and has achieved abundant research results. Among them, the rule by law of free trade zone is mainly to establish of the law school and has formed great brand influence. The research involves government function transformation, financial innovation, trade facilitation, intellectual property protection, competition policy, ecological environment protection, judicial guarantee, financial crime and other important issues in the construction of free trade zone. He expressed that he hopes to deepen the communications and cooperation of the legal circles between Shanghai and Latin America and Caribbean countries through this seminar.

Gennacio Concha, Chile’s Consul General in Shanghai

Chile’s Consul General in Shanghai, Gennacio Concha, stated that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Chile and China in 1970, the two parties have maintained close friendly and cooperative relations in the fields of diplomacy, economy and trade, and there are broad cooperative areas in trade, education, environment, technology, investment, tourism, etc. The construction of the "Belt and Road" and the Great Wall are both a millennium plan. The difference is that the Great Wall is to defend against foreign enemies, while the "Belt and Road" initiative is not to divide the world, but to integrate the world and make friends. Chile has great expectations for future cooperation with China in areas of common interest.

Maria Ampero Al, student representative

The student representative, Maria Ampero Al, the board member and prof. of the International Research of Environment and Territory of University of the Western Hemisphere of Ecuador, highlighted that development requires the cooperation of people all over the world, and it takes time and bridges to build knowledge and trust. The green, sustainable, and high-quality development provided by China's“One Belt, One Road” initiative is exactly what the Latin American people need. She deeply appreciated the common human vision of "protecting our common homeland" mentioned in the keynote speech of the second "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Zheng Shaohua, Principal Assistant of SUFE and Director of the China-Latin America Legal Research Center

On September 24, 2015, SUFE successfully held the China-Latin America legal seminar under the framework of the "China-CELAC" forum and the theme of the seminar is "Study on the Comparative Rule by Law in China-Latin America Free Trade". At the opening ceremony of the seminar, the "China-Latin America Legal Research Center (Shanghai)" and the "China-Latin America Legal Training Base (Shanghai)" were formally established at SUFE. This is the first step in mechanism construction under the framework of the China-Latin America Legal Forum, which has greatly expanded the space for China-Latin America legal cooperation, established a new platform for the development of the forum, and created new opportunities. The law school’s research on the rule by law of the free trade zone also relies on the "China-Latin America Legal Research Center (Shanghai)" to conduct in-depth comparative studies on legal issues such as trade and investment between China and Latin America. The "China-Latin America and Caribbean Countries Legal Talent Exchange Program Seminar" is another important project of "China-Latin America Legal Research Center (Shanghai)" and "China-Latin America Legal Training Base (Shanghai)". It not only focuses on communication and research on China's main economic and trade laws, the conference will also be held during the period to conduct more in-depth discussions on financial cooperation and trade facilitation between China and Latin America.

It is hoped that the conference will further deepen the exchanges and cooperation of legal communities between Shanghai and Latin American and Caribbean countries, and play an active role in cultivating closer relations between China and Latin American and Caribbean countries!

Contributed by: Wei Lisha;Zhangtu

                              Photograph by:Wan Yueshen;Tongxin

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