Cooperation talks between SUFE and Northeastern University School of Law

On April 1, 2019, the Dean of Northeastern University School of Law and his companying team paid a visit to our law school and had a meaningful meeting aimed at building a bridge between two institutions which was held at the Room 211 of the Law Building. Present at the meeting were Professor James R. Hackney, Dean of Northeastern University Law School and Professor Margaret Y. K. Woo, Associate Dean, Professor Ge Weijun, Deputy Dean of Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Dr. Xia Daile.
Professor Ge Weijun first conveyed a warm welcome to James R. Hackney and his entourage. This is the first time the Northeastern University School of Law has visited our school, and also the first international cooperation with a university at Shanghai. Deputy Dean Ge Weijun gave a detailed introduction to the international exchange programs of our school, including the training base class for international organizations and the Anglo-American law certificate class, and also introduced the international exchange and cooperation programs that have been established with other law schools across the globe.

Meanwhile, Professor Hackney expressed his gratitude to the SUFE Law School for its warm reception and hospitality. He introduced the current status, as well as the internationalization process of Northeastern University in the United States, and then highlighted the flexible school-running ideas of the L.L.M project of Northeastern University Law School. Northeastern University Law School’s education aims at cultivating students' practical ability. The L.L.M project cooperates with more than 70 international institutions around the world to ensure that all students can get a 3-month internship opportunity after 9 months of L.L.M course study. The L.L.M program of Northeastern University School of Law provides full-time, online and other teaching methods to cater to the needs of different students, and will start to expand this year.

Both schools reached an agreement associated with their respective school-running model and internationalization process, and exchanged opinions on the joint training of students of the two institutes, LL.M projects, teacher exchange visits, and joint international conferences, and carried out preliminary implementation of related work.

Contribution: Xia Dai Le

Photo courtesy: Huang Qian


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