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Finance & Economics Summer School (2012)


1. Introduction

SHUFE Law featuring in finance and economics legal study grants Ph.D. degrees in 2 sub-fields, provides Master degree programs in 9 different sub-fields and LLM course. Currently there are dozens of practicing law bases. Our alumnus are chasing there dreams in well-known law firms,stock exchanges companies, financial futures exchange,governments and almost all walks of life.

To cultivate the well-rounded students,we are having this summer school of "Finance & Economics Legal Frontier Issues"from August.1,2012 to August.6,2012.

The summer school which is taught by experts and professors from privileged universities and institutions focuses on introducing and discussing the cutting-edge issues in financial and economics law field.The form of most of the classes is lecture and seminar.


2. Arrangment

Date of assignment 2012-07-31

Opening ceremony 2012-08-01

School session 2012-08-01--2012-08-06

Graduation Ceremony 2012-08-06


3. Enrollment and Conditions

Young teachers from Higher legal and financial institutions, doctoral students, graduate students, third-year students, businesses practisers and staffs from fiscal substantive         departments are eligible to apply for this program.

All candidates are required to have:

1.sound base of finance and economics law knowledge

2.studied finance and economic lessons and have good performance

3.good language ability with the provident of cet-4 or cet-6

We will select 70 students based on their performance.


4.How to Apply

1.fill out the application form(see attachment and please enclose your 1 inch photo)

2.the copy of your ID,students certificate or graduate and  degree certification.

3.the copy of language ability provement

4.other certificates or proves


If you're a third-year student,you should also hand in

1.the copy of transcripts

2.the performance in the school with the prove of Office of Academic Affairs to show that either you've got the scholarship or you are the top10% students.

3.the copy of cet-6

4.other certificates.


please send all those materials to the period of June,12-June,30.

Please take all the originates when you assign in on July,31,2012.

Admission lists will be posed on the law school website days after the application deadline.


5.Requirements for certification

Your performence in the summer school is judged by class attance(30%),class discussion(30%)and final test(60%).All the qualified students will be issued the graduate certification by SHUFE law school.



You will have the temporary school ID card to dine in school and we will provide you to stay at school but you have to pay for your own catering fee as well as the transportation fee.The summer school is of public interst,so you do not have to pay for the tuition and books.

All the doctoral,graduate and undergraduate will have some subsidies less than ¥2000.


7.Contact us




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