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Legal Economics Seminar




Economic law is a cross-disciplinary course combining Civil and Commercial law,Administrative law and Principles of Economics and Sociology by using the method of comparative , empirical analysis and sociology, and the knowledge of law and economics.


SHUFE Law's precursor was International Trade and Economic Law Department of SHUFE.On 1 January,1981,during the adjustment of departments,the law school was merged with the economic department. In 1987,the economic department enrolled undergraduates majoring in law.In 12,1991,the economic law had economic law and international economic law as sub-courses.SHUFE Law School was officially inaugurated in 12,1998.



Now, SHUFE Law has 39 full-time professors, of who 12 are Ph.D. Candidate Supervisors and 29 are Ph.d candidates. They are playing an important role in delivering the top quality legal education, cutting-edge research, responsive works for legislation and enforcement of the law.


The law school is now having two doctoral programs in legal economics and finance law, 15 Master Degree in Master of Law, and Economic Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Law,Commercial Law, Legal Theory, Legal History, Criminal Law and so on.



The Goal of The Seminar


The seminar aims to train well-rounded thinkers and doers with a solid foundation of the knowledge of economic and management.



Course List


Compulsary course


Economic Theory of Socialism(Credits:3 Hours:51)

Marxist understanding of methods(Credits:3 Hours:51)

First foreign language (the English)(Credits:4 Hours:72)

Theoretical topics of Law(Credits:3 Hours:51)

Intermediate Western Economics(Credits:3 Hours:51)

Civil and Law (Credits:2 Hours:31)

Economic Law(Credits:3 Hours:51)

Criminal Law (Credits:2 Hours:36)

Commercial Law(Credits:2 Hours:36)

Fiscal Law(Credits:2 Hours:36)

Financial Law(Credits:2 Hours:36)


Elective Courses (3 out of 5)


Labor and Social Security Law (Credits:1.5 Hours:24)

Securities Law(Credits:1.5 Hours:24)

Topics of the Constitution(Credits:1.5 Hours:24)

China's legal history(Credits:1.5 Hours:24)

Insurance law(Credits:1.5 Hours:24)


Total credits: 33.5 Hours: 579


The classes are given at weekends in SHUFE,starting from september 2012.


Credit and Thesis Requirements


Students are required to enroll in a 33.5 credits including all required courses and pass all course examinations. 


In order to obtain the degree, those who has obtained Bachelor's degree must pass the exam of foreign language ability test and the national test of disciplinary as well as the master's thesis and pass the thesis defense. 

After approved by SHUFE Degree Committee, the students can receive the graduation certificate and degree diploma.





Students should pay 38,000 RMB for 2-year's study and 6000 RMB for the thesis defense.

The tuition could be returned in 2 weeks after the registration,but cannot be returned after 2 weeks.



Eligibility Requirements


The program is designed for those who have already obtained the undergraduate certificate and have 2 years working experience.

Applicants should comply with Chinese laws and SHUFE's rules.



Application process


(1)Please text your name+special field of study+registration time to 13472775946 for appointment.


(2) On the registration day,please bring with you :ID card,an official certificate of your highest education and degree certificate.(all in original and copy).And 4 one inch photo.


(3)Notice of admission will be sent to you 20 days before the seminar opening. 


(4) Tuition should be paid 10 days before the opening.



Contact us:


Zhen Guo-zhen   


Registration time:Monday to Friday0830——1700

Address:Room301,Supplementary Building,SHUFE,

                  NO.777,Guoding Road,Shanghai.



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