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The history of the Law School, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SHUFE Law) can be traced back to the Teaching & Research Section of International Trade and Economic Law established under the International Economics Faculty in 1980. Subject to the adjustment between the faculties, the staff of that Section was removed to the Economics Faculty in Jan, 1981, with the name changed to the Teaching & Research Section of Economic Law. In 1987, the Economics Faculty created the major of Economic Law and began to recruit undergraduate students. In Dec, 1991, the Faculty of Economic Law was created and its name was changed to the Law Faculty in Aug, 1998. Not very long, the Law School was officially created instead of the Law Faculty.


Currently SHUFE Law has three Ph.D. Programs: Law and Economics, Law and Finance, Fiscal and Economic Law. It also has two master programs: Master of Law and Juris Master. The former is academic-oriented and consists of nine majors: Economic Law, Constitution and Administrative Law, International Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Legal Theory, Legal History, Criminal Law, Litigation and Environmental Law; while the latter is practice-oriented. SHUFE Law also has two all-English programs: LL.M. and Common Law Certificate. 


In 2012 SHUFE law was selected as Cultivation Base of Extraordinary Legal Professionals by Ministry of Education (practical & interdisciplinary type). It was selected as Cultivation Base of Extraordinary Legal Professionals and International Cultivation Base of Extraordinary Legal Professionals of Shanghai. It was selected into Shanghai University Construction Plan of First-class Discipline (Type B), National Legal Practice and Cultivation Base, National Example of Comprehensive Discipline Reform by Ministry of Education, and got the title of Key Discipline of Shanghai. 


Currently, SHUFE Law has 54 faculty members, including 48 teaching and academic staffs, among whom there are 13 professors, 17 associate professors and 18 assistant professors. 13 professors are qualified to supervise doctorate candidate, and 28 teachers are qualified to supervise master candidate. Totally, 36 teachers have doctor degrees, among whom 10 get international degrees. Besides, SHUFE Law also has 75 senior adjunct professors who come from court, procuratorate, law firm and financial sector.


Within recent five years, teachers from SHUFE Law have published widely in various journals, including SSCI, SCI and CSSCI ranking journals. It also have obtained academic programs such as Major Program of National Social Science Foundation, Major Program of Humanity and Social Science of Ministry of Education, Key Program of National Social Science Foundation, Ordinary and Youth Program of National Social Science Foundation, Programs of Provincial and Ministerial Level, and awards from Shanghai government on social science research.


SHUFE Law now has 1368 students in total, among whom 56 Ph.D. students, 90 full-time Master of Law students, 9 LL.M. students, 264 full-time Juris Master students, 420 undergraduate students, 231 second-degree of International Economic Law students, 189 part-time Juris Master students, and 121 Advanced Study for Postgraduate Course students.


The educational objective of the Law School is, for the sake of the need of the socialistic country and “Four Centers” goal of Shanghai Construction, to foster the high-level legal professionals abundant in innovative thinking and ability, who possess the fundamental legal theory and knowledge comprehensively, master the elementary economic and management knowledge and aim to work in the areas of economics, management and judicature.

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