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About LL.M. Program


All-English LL.M. is a program for postgraduate legal study provided by SHUFE Law. Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China, reflecting the development of the economics and society. SHUFE is one of the renowned universities in China, whose graduates spread over the financial and fiscal area such as securities, insurance, banking and fund, having a significant influence across the country.


Based on the subject of law, supported and integrated by the rich teaching resources in the area of economics and management which is high-ranking nationally, this Program aims to foster the legal professionals with international talents. Students in this Program is supposed to: (1) have a solid foundation of legal theories, good citizenship and deep understanding to the spirit of rule of law principle; (2) possess the professional knowledge of economic law, civil & commercial law, etc., and be able to combine theory with practice; (3) possess a strong ability to observe, analyze, and research on legal issues; (4) become competent professionals in the field of economic law, civil & commercial law and relative areas after graduation.


The teaching staffs in this program have remarkable domestic education background, most of which have obtained the Ph.D. degrees from distinguished universities overseas. In Shanghai, the Law School has maintained intimate connections with various local governments and people’s courts, law firms, securities companies, commercial banks, insurance companies, fund companies and multi-national companies, etc. Excellent students from the LL.M. program may be recommended to visit, interview or have an internship in these institutions.


The program welcomes the students who come from other countries in the world and possess diverse culture backgrounds to participate. The foreign students have the chance to study and live together with the outstanding Chinese law students, and make good friendship with them. 

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