Common Law Certificate Program

About the course

Common Law Certificate Program has two types of course: fundamental (compulsory) and advanced (optional). All courses are taught in English.


-- There are 6 fundamental courses, each of which has 3 credits, including: Introduction to Common Law I & II, Contract Law, Property Law, Tort Law, Legal reasoning and research. Students are required to take all fundamental courses.


-- There are 5 optional courses, each of which has 2 credits, including: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Financial Law, Jurisprudence and Judicial System, Civil Procedure. Students must choose 2 courses to complete the program.




Name                                               Type                     Credits

Introduction to Common Law I         Compulsory                   3

Introduction to Common Law II        Compulsory                   3

Contract Law                                   Compulsory                   3

Property Law                                   Compulsory                    3

Tort Law                                         Compulsory                     3

Legal reasoning and research            Compulsory                     3

Constitutional Law                           Optional                          2

Administrative Law                          Optional                          2

Financial Law                                  Optional                          2

Jurisprudence and Judicial System      Optional                       2

Civil Procedure                                  Optional                      2


Students are required to have in a minimum of 22 credits, including 12 credits as optional course credits in current study plan for undergraduate students, and 10 credits as Juris Master’s course credits. Once the students finish all courses and pass the examination, they will obtain the Common Law Certificate from SHUFE Law.

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