Ph.D. Program

About the Course

The period of Ph.D program is three years, including two-semester taught courses and four-semester thesis writing. All of the courses are taught in English. The lecturers include the official staff of the Law School and the experts from the practice. Students are required to have in a minimum of 15 credits (including 9 for compulsory course and 6 for optional course) and pass all course examinations.



Name                                                 Type                        Credits

International Financial Law              Compulsory                      3

Frontiers in Law and Finance           Compulsory                      3

Frontiers of Legal Study (Lecture)    Compulsory                      3

Society and Law                               Optional                          2

Civil Law                                         Optional                          2

Economic Law                                 Optional                          2

Contract Law                                   Optional                          2

Administrative Law                           Optional                          2

Labor Law                                       Optional                          2

Company Law                                 Optional                           2

International Commercial Law           Optional                          2

International and Comparative

Intellectual Property Law                  Optional                          2

International Public Law                   Optional                          1

    International Tax Law                  Optional                          1

International Commercial

Arbitration                                       Optional                          1

International Investment Law            Optional                          1

WTO Law                                       Optional                          1

*Chinese Culture                              Optional                          2

*Chinese Language                           Optional                          4

Note: courses with * are provided by other faculties.


12-18 months is the probation period. Students shall give a presentation on the proposal of dissertation and become Ph.D. Candidate.


In order to obtain the Ph.D. degree, students shall finish dissertation and pass the oral defense. The dissertation should be written in English. Each student will have an academic supervisor directing the research work and the LL.M. thesis writing.


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