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All-English Ph.D. Program in Law and Finance

About Ph.D. Program in Law and Finance


All-English Ph.D. Program in Law and Finance is a program for postgraduate legal study provided by SUFE School of Law. Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China, reflecting the development of the economics and society. SUFE is one of the most renowned universities in China, whose graduates spread over the financial and fiscal area such as securities, insurance, banking and fund, having a significant influence across the country.


The teaching staffs in this program have remarkable domestic education background, most of whom have obtained the Ph.D. degrees from distinguished universities overseas. In Shanghai, the School of Law has maintained intimate connections with various local governments and people’s courts, law firms, securities companies, commercial banks, insurance companies, fund companies and multi-national companies, etc. Excellent students from the Ph.D. program may be recommended to visit, interview or have an internship in these institutions.



Teaching Faculty


Ms. Xiaoyan Song, Professor & Dean

Interests: Financial Law, International Law

Education: Ph.D. (Wuhan University)

Overseas Visiting Experience: Visiting Scholar at University of Wisconsin Law School


Mr. Weijun Ge, Professor & Vice Dean

Interests: Commercial Law

Education: Ph.D. (Kyushu University), LL.M. (Cambridge University)

Overseas Visiting Experience: Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University Law School


Ms. Yuan Hu, Professor

Interests: Environmental and Resource Protection Law, Tax Law

Education: Ph.D. (Shanghai Jiaotong University)



Mr. Ling Hu, Associate Professor & Vice Dean

Interests: Jurisprudence

Education: Ph.D.(University of Hong Kong)



Ms. Wenfang Wu, Associate Professor

Interests: Labor Law, Economic Law

Overseas Experience: Studied at University of Münster, Germany



Ms. Jiaxin He, Associate Professor

Interests: Insurance Law

Education: Ph.D. (Shanghai Fudan University), LL.M. (University of Wisconsin)

Overseas Visiting Experience: Visiting Scholar at University of Oxford Law School


Ms. Yue Dai, Assistant Professor

Interests: International Tax, US Tax, US Tort Law

Education: J.D. (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)



Ms. Xiao Pan, Assistant Professor

Interests: Commercial Law

Education: S.J.D. (University of Hong Kong), LL.M. (University of Michigan)



Ms. Pan Su, Assistant Professor

Interests: Financial Law

Education: Ph.D. (Peking University), LL.M. (Stanford University)



Mr. Yuanzhen Cai, Assistant Professor

Interests: Intellectual Property Law

Education: Ph.D. (Beijing University), Master of Law (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)



Mr. Jize Jiang, Assistant Professor

Interests: Criminal law

Education: Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Chicago)




Ms. Yuhuan Wang, Assistant Professor

Interests: Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Education: Ph.D. (Wuhan University)

Overseas Experience: Studied at University of Strathclyde Law School



Mr. Wangwang Xing, Assistant Professor

Interests: International Law, Ocean Law, Maritime Law, Marine Environmental Protection Law

Education: Ph.D. (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Overseas Experience: Studied at Aarhus University, Denmark, Doctoral Joint Training


Ms. Daile Xia, Assistant Professor

Interests: Economic Law (Financial Law, Corporate Law)

Education: Ph.D. (Beijing University), LL.M. (Columbia University School of Law)



Ms. Tu Zhang, Assistant Professor

Interests: Jurisprudence, Human rights theory, Political philosophy, Moral philosophy

Education: Ph.D. (Leiden University, Netherlands)



Ms. Mingzhao Zhang, Assistant Professor

Interests: Maritime law, Marine insurance law, Marine cargo transportation law, Civil liability for marine pollution

Education: Ph.D.( Hong Kong Polytechnic University)



Ms. Wentao Yang, Assistant Professor

Interests: comparative law, environmental law, law and economics

Education: J.D. (Georgetown University)

Overseas experience:  B.S. in Economics and Psychology (UW-Madison), worked at a number of institutions, including the Harvard Legal Services Center


Ms. Nanying Tao, Assistant Professor

Interests: international law, international dispute settlement, comparative judicial system.   Education: Doctor of Civil Law (PhD) McGill University   Overseas experience: Teaching fellow at McGill University, Visiting scholar at Center for International Governance Innovation (Canada)



About the Course


The period of Ph.D. program is four years, including fourthree-semester taught courses and fourfive-semester thesis writing. All of the courses are taught in English. The lecturers include the faculties of School of Law and the experts from the practice. Students are required to have in a minimum of 25 26 credits (including 16 for compulsory course and 8 for optional courses and 1 for attending lectures) and pass all course examinations.



Compulsory Courses (19 Credits in total)

Major Elective Courses (7 Credits in total)

l  Regional Business Environment

l  Chinese economic law and regulation

l  China Overview

l  Topics on Chinese Economic Issues

l  ChineseⅠ

l  Chinese II

l  Legal Research and Literature Search Methods

l  Civil law

l  Commercial Law

l  Contract Law

l  Administrative Law

l  Law and society

l  International Financial Law

l  Labor Law

l  Company Law

l  International law

l  International trade law

l  International investment law

l  International environmental law

l  Financial Supervision

l  Corporate Finance

l  Intellectual Property Law



18-24 months is the probation period. Students shall give a presentation on the proposal of dissertation and become Ph.D. Candidate.


In order to obtain the Ph.D. degree, students shall finish dissertation and pass the oral defense. The dissertation should be written in English. Each student will have an academic supervisor directing the research work and the Ph.D. dissertation writing.




40,000 RMB/year (20,000 RMB/semester)

* Textbook fees not included.




Chinese University Postgraduate Program Scholarship, funded by the Chinese government, is a full-coverage scholarship designed for Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to enroll outstanding international students in English-given master’s programs and PhD programs. Students can submit applications directly to Chinese universities. For more details on the funding criteria and relevant Chinese government scholarships, please see the China Scholarship Council (CSC) website (




For further information on application procedure and materials, please visit website of International Cultural Exchange School of SUFE:




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