State Grid Dongying Power Supply Company: Rice field painting shows a ‘harvest’ scenery of rural revitalization

On September 20th, walking into the rice field painting scenic area of Yong'an Town, in the Kenli District of Dongying City, Shandong Province, the theme of "rural revitalization, agricultural power" and "cultivation of the farmland" came into view. The paddy fields, paths and the colorful rice intertwine and complement each other, creating a scene of good harvest.

The paddy painting landscape creative base reportedly covers an area of 13,000 acres and promotes the integrated development of agriculture and tourism by combining creative agriculture and leisure tourism. At present, during the best viewing period of rice field paintings, the staff of the State Grid Dongying Power Supply Company has strengthened the publicity of safe electricity use in scenic areas, inspected the operation of equipment such as power distribution lines and observation tower lighting facilities in scenic spots, and ensured the safe and reliable electricity consumption for tourists during peak viewing periods.
Kenli District of Dongying City is located at the estuary of the Yellow River. In recent years, the region has relied on its rich saline-alkali land resources, developing characteristic industries according to local conditions, and has gone all out to build a "Rice and Crab Symbiotic Planting" within the rural revitalization demonstration area. The State Grid Dongying Power supply company, regularly docks with the governmental development planning and electricity demand according to seasonal planting, periodically provides on-site guidance for enterprises on rice seedlings optimization, processing and electricity consumption plans, and coordinates the construction of supporting power facilities such as line transformation and well electrification to help industrial development.
Each year, during the rice field painting exhibition, a tailor-made "one household, one policy" power supply service plan is provided for important customers, with regular inspection of lines and equipment, prompt elimination of safety hazards in electricity facilities, fully meeting the needs of the development of agricultural and industrial tourism integration, and injecting strong momentum for a rural revitalization supplied with sufficient electricity.

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